Assam History GK Questions and Answers - Assam History MCQ for APSC Prelims

Assam History GK Quiz - MCQ on Assam History for Competitive Exams Set 10

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC or any other Assam Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Assam History MCQ for APSC Prelims. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Assam History GK Questions and Answers for APSC and any other Assam govt exams 2022. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Assam History GK Quiz for the upcoming exams. Infact the Assam History MCQ will be a key topic in the Assam GK section for the upcoming APSC Prelims & any other Assam Govt Exams 2022. So the Assam History GK Questions and Answers for the upcoming exams will be a pedestrian to crack your exam.

Assam History GK Questions and Answers - Assam History MCQ for APSC Prelims

Assam History GK for APSC

Assam History GK Quiz for TET Exam

In this article we have provided you the most important Assam History GK Quiz important for Assam TET exam. So, read all these important best GK on Assam History for Competitive Exams. These Assam History GK Quiz are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation. Infact the MCQ on Assam History is very important for any Assam govt exams of 2022.

Assam History GK Questions and Answers

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the Assam History GK Questions and Answers. Specially the toppers of APSC or other Assam govt exams recommend that aspirant start their preparation with the Assam GK topics such as GK on Assam History questions and answers for the upcoming exams.

Assam History GK for APSC Prelims and Ahom History Quiz for Competitive Exam

There are mainly two very important Assam History GK for APSC Prelims and Ahom History Quiz for Competitive Exam. They are  :

1. In 1615, the Ahom Dynasty would engage in its first significant conflict with an imperial force, the Mughal Empire. The Mughals conquered the Ahom capital of Garhgaon in 1662 but were defeated in later battles. Finally, during the battle of Saraighat in 1671, the Ahoms led by Lachit Borphukan successfully repelled a strong Mughal assault, extending their borders westward to the Manas River. By 1682, the Mughal influence in the region would be completely eradicated.

2. Rang Ghar, a pavilion built by Pramatta Singha (also Sunenpha; 1744-1751) in Ahom capital Rongpur, now Sibsagar; the Rang Ghar is one of the earliest pavilions of outdoor stadia in South Asia. The expansion was so large and so rapid that the Ahomization process could not keep pace and the Ahoms became a minority in their kingdom. This resulted in a change in the character of the kingdom and it became multi-ethnic and inclusive. Hindu influences, which were first felt under Bamuni Konwar at the end of the 14th century, became significant.

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Assam History GK for APSC - MCQ on Assam History

Here are the most important best 30 Assam History GK Quiz for APSC Prelims exam. Read all these important Assam History GK questions and answers in order to answer the questions :

61. In 1563, the Treaty of Majuli was settled between the Koch king Nara Narayan and who was the Ahom King?

a. Rudra Singha 

b. Gadapani a.

c. Pratap Singha

d. Sukhaamphaa 

Ans : d. Sukhaamphaa 

62. Which Pala king built Sri-Durjaya as the capital on the bank of Brahmaputra?

a. Bhaskar Varman 

b. Ratnapala

c. Niti Pal 

d. Rudra

Ans : b. Ratnapala

63. The two kanai Barasi Rock inscription near Manikarneswar Hill was in :

a. Tai

b. Assamese 

c. Persian

d. Sanskrit

Ans : b. Assamese

64. Badan Barphukan was the governor of

a. Sadiya

b. Solal

C. Kamrup

d. Marangi

Ans : C. Kamrup

65. From whose reign was Sanskrit language used on Ahom coins?

a. Sudangpha

b. Pratap Singha

C. Siva Singha

d. Rudra Singha

Ans : d. Rudra Singha

66. Haria Mandal, the father of first Koch king Biswa Singha originate from which village of Goalpara district?

a. Koch Behar

b. Khuntaghat

C. Mangaldoi

d. Chiknabari(Chkengram)

Ans : d. Chiknabari (Chkengram)

67. Which Ahom Swargadeo built the temple of Umananda?

a. Rudra Singha

b. Siva Singha

C. Godadhar Singha

d. Pramatta Singha

Ans : C. Godadhar Singha

68. Which of the following was famous for astrology? 

a. Pragjyotishpur

b. Kamrup 

C. Charaidew

d. Saumara

Ans : a. Pragjyotishpur

69. Which Ahom king was popularly known as "Bamuni Konwar"?

a. Suhungmung

b. Subinpha

C. Sujungpha

d. Sudangphaa

Ans : d. Sudangphaa

70. In 1585 Koch kingdom was visited by an English traveller. What was his name?

a. Tavemier

b. Ralph Fitch

C. Nicolo Conti

d. None of these 

Ans : b. Ralph Fitch

71. In the battle of Saraighat (1671) between Ahoms and Mughals, the Ahom Army was commanded by Lachit Barphukan. Who was the commander of Mughals?

a. Ram Singha

b. Askar Khan

c. Mir Jumla

d. Bakhtiar Khan

Ans : a. Ram Singha

72. Famous Kamrupi poet Hema Saraswati was a court poet of Kamatapur's King

a. Nara Narayan

b. Dharma Narayan

C. Vaidyadeva

d. Durlabh Narayan

Ans : d. Durlabh Narayan

73. In January 1663, Treaty of Ghilajharighat was signed by Ahoms with the Mughal commander:

a. Abu Bakar

b. Raja Ram Singha

C. Mir Jumla

d. Mirza Nathan

Ans : d. Mirza Nathan

74. The Pasupatinath temple inscription in Nepal refers to "Gaudradi Kalingkashala Patti". Who was he?

a. Sri Harsha Dev 

b. Harshavardhan

C. Bhaskar Varman

d. Yasovarman

Ans : a. Sri Harsha Dev 

75. According to Ramayana, Amurtaraja was the founder of the kingdom of

a. Pragjyotisha

b. Srihat

C. Koch Behar

d. Darrang

Ans : a. Pragjyotisha

76. The well-known Kamrupi poet of sixteenth century Chandraharati lived at:

a. Tezpur

b. Umanada

C. Kamakhya

d. North Guwahati

Ans : d. North Guwahati

77. During Bhaskarvarman's reign the major industry in Kamrupa was

a. boat building

b. arrow making

C. furniture and cane work

d. none of the above

Ans : a. boat building

78. Who first introduced the cremation of the dead among the Ahoms?

a. Suhungmung

b. Phulaswari Konwari

C. Siva Singha

d. Mumai Tamuli

Ans : b. Phulaswari Konwari

79. Thapita Sanchita the term used by Ahoms to the 

a. Nagas

b. oran king

C. Kachari king

d. Chutia king

Ans : C. Kachari king

80. Bara Larawa is a title conferred upon great fighter. Ismail Ghazi conferred it on whom?

a. Bhuyan Chiefs

b. Raja Koch Hajo

c. Raja of Koch Behar

d. Raja of Kamrupa

Ans : d. Raja of Kamrupa

81. Sadhani was the last queen of:

a. Pala king

b. Moran king

C. Chutia king

d. Kachari king

Ans : C. Chutia king

82. Which Ahom King built the Dhodar Ali?

a. Purandar Singha

b. Gadadhar Singha

C. Rudra Singha

d. Siva Singha

Ans : b. Gadadhar Singha

83. Which dynasty made their capital at Maibong?

a. Jaitias

b. Khasis

C. Kacharies

d. Ahoms

Ans : C. Kacharis

84. Siva Singha declared his chief queen as 'Bar Raja'. Who was she? 

a. Phuleswari

b. Ambika

c. Mula Ghabharu

d. Sarbeswari

Ans : a. Phuleswari

85. The Gohain Kamal Ali built during the reign of Naranarayan runs from

a. Dhekiajuli to Dhubri

b. Koch Behar to Narayanpur

C. Guwahati to Goalpara

d. Kaliabor to Goalpara

Ans : b. Koch Behar to Narayanpur

86. What was the similarity among Hem Saraswati, Kaviratna Saraswati and Hari Har Bipra?

a. All were Kamrupi Spies

b. All were Kamrupi Poets

c. All were Kamrupi Priests

d. All were Kamrupi Sadagars

Ans : b. All were Kamrupi Poets

87. The language used in the inscription of the Koch kings was:

a. Sanskrit

b. Assamese

C. Persian

d. Bengali

Ans : a. Sanskrit

88. In which year the Mughals Attack Ahom Kingdom for the first time?

a. 1608

b. 1612

C. 1614

d. 1615

Ans : d. 1615

89. What was staple crop in ancient Assam?

a. Coconut

b. Barley

c. Rice

d. Wheat

Ans : c. Rice

90. Chandibar was the great grandfather of whom? 

a. Damodar Dev

b. Sankardeva

c. Madhava Dev

d. Gopal Dev

Ans : b. Sankardeva

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