Assam History GK for APSC Prelims and Ahom History Quiz for Competitive Exam

Assam History GK Quiz - MCQ on Assam History for Competitive Exams Set 13

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Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC or any other Assam Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Assam History MCQ for APSC Prelims. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Assam History GK Questions and Answers for APSC and any other Assam govt exams 2022. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Assam History GK Quiz for the upcoming exams. Infact the Assam History MCQ will be a key topic in the Assam GK section for the upcoming APSC Prelims & any other Assam Govt Exams 2022. So the Assam History GK Questions and Answers for the upcoming exams will be a pedestrian to crack your exam.

Assam History GK Questions and Answers - Assam History MCQ for APSC Prelims

Assam History GK for APSC

Assam History GK Quiz for TET Exam

In this article we have provided you the most important Assam History GK Quiz important for Assam TET exam. So, read all these important best GK on Assam History for Competitive Exams. These Assam History GK Quiz are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation. Infact the MCQ on Assam History is very important for any Assam govt exams of 2022.

Assam History GK Questions and Answers

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the Assam History GK Questions and Answers. Specially the toppers of APSC or other Assam govt exams recommend that aspirant start their preparation with the Assam GK topics such as GK on Assam History questions and answers for the upcoming exams.

Assam History GK for APSC Prelims and Ahom History Quiz for Competitive Exam

There are mainly two very important Assam History GK for APSC Prelims and Ahom History Quiz for Competitive Exam. They are  :

1. Pala dynasty, ruling dynasty in Bihar and Bengal, India, from the 8th to the 12th century. Its founder, Gopala, was a local chieftain who rose to power in the mid-8th century during a period of anarchy. Ramapala (reigned c. 1077–1120), the last important Pala king, did much to strengthen the dynasty in Bengal and expanded its power in Assam and Orissa; he is the hero of a Sanskrit historical poem, the Ramacarita of Sandhyakara.

2. The Varman dynasty (350-650) was the first historical dynasty of the Kamarupa kingdom. It was established by Pushyavarman, a contemporary of Samudragupta. According to the Allahabad Prasasti, the ruler of Kamarupa was a frontier ruler (Pratyanta-nrpatis) of the great Gupta emperor. The Varman Dynasty is also known as Bhauma or Naraka dynasty as it is believed to have its lineage of the mythological characters Narakasura, Bhagadatta and Vajradatta. Kumar Bhaskarvarman was the last and the greatest ruler of Varman Dynasty, who ruled over Kamrupa, the erstwhile Assam from 594-650 A.D. He was the one to bring back the lost glory and charm of the dynasty.

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Assam History GK for APSC - MCQ on Assam History

Here are the most important best 30 Assam History GK Quiz for APSC Prelims exam. Read all these important Assam History GK questions and answers in order to answer the questions :

151. During the reign of which of the following king the temple of Navagraha was built?

a. Rajeswar Singha

b. Siva Singha

C. Udayaditya

d. Pramatta Singha

Ans : a. Rajeswar Singha

152. The name of the king who shifted the Ahom capital from Gargaon to Rangpur was 

a. Gadadhar Singha 

b. Siva Singha

C. Sukapha

d. Rudra Singha

Ans : d. Rudra Singha

153. In which year Jorhat was founded?

a. 1818

b. 1864

C. 1884

d. 1898

Ans : C. 1884

154. In Mahabharata the title "Lord of the Mlechcha" was given to

a. Naraka

b. Bhagadutta

C. Salastambha

d. Vaidyadeva

Ans : b. Bhagadutta

155. Where is the capital of the Pala king Ratnapala located 

a. Pragjyotishpur

b. Harupeswar

c. Kamrupanagar

d. Sri Duriya

Ans : d. Sri Duriya

156. The capital of the Salastambha dynasty located at:

a. Barngar

b. Chandrapur

C. Harupeswar

d. Pragjyotishpur

Ans : C. Harupeswar

157. The first Assamese monthly issued by the Baptist missionary was

a. Abahan

b. Orunodoi

C. Ramdhenu

d. Bahin

Ans : b. Orunodoi

158.Which city called "City of Eastern Astrology"?

a. Pragjyotishpur 

b. Harupeswar

C. Sri Duriya

d. Tezpur 

Ans : a. Pragjyotishpur 

159. In ancient Kamrup, "Brahmadeya" land was gifted to

a. Gods 

b. Yogis 

C. Brahma

d. Brahmans 

Ans : d. Brahmans 

160. "Kumara Raja" title was given to

a. Samudravarman 

b. Bhaskarvarman 

C. Pusyavarman

d. Harsavardhan 

Ans : b. Bhaskarvarman 

161. Which of the following supervised when King Naranarayan reconstructing the temple of Kamakhya?

a. Chila Rai

b. Gohain Kamal 

C. Megha Makdum

d. Kalapahar 

Ans : a. Chila Rai

162. The first known king to the Varmana dynansty was

a. Kalyavarman 

b. Ganapativarman 

c. Pusyavarman

d. Balavarman 

Ans : c. Pusyavarman

163. During which Ahom ruler was the first emissary the Tripua sent?

a. Siva Singha 

b. Rudra Singha

c. Suhungmung

d. Rani Phuleswari 

Ans : b. Rudra Singha

164. Which king performed "Ashwamedha" sacrifice in Kamrupa for the first time?

a. Bhaskarvarman 

b. Ratnapala 

C. Mahendravarman

d. Indrapala 

Ans : C. Mahendravarman

165. Sonitpur was the capital of

a. Narakasur 

b. Bhaskarvarman 

C. Bhagadatta

d. King Bana 

Ans : d. King Bana 

166. One of the animals was widely used in wars in ancient Assam. It was

a. Bull 

b. Camel 

C. Horse

d. Elephant 

Ans : d. Elephant 

167. Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of the Guwahati University?

a. Surya Kr. Bhuyan 

b. Banikanta Kakati 

C. Kaliram Medhi

d. Krishna Kanta Handique 

Ans : d. Krishna Kanta Handique 

168. The tantric text 'Yogini Tantra' is dedicated to the worship of two goddesses. One is Kali and the other is

a. Kamakhya

b. Durga 

C. Lakshmi

d. Saraswati 

Ans : a. Kamakhya

169. Sarbananda Singha was the king of

a. The koches 

b. The Kacharies 

C. The Morans

d. The Mataks 

Ans : d. The Mataks 

170. Banasura the king of Sonitpur was a great devotee of god:

a. Krishna 

b. Shiva

c. Ganesh

d. Brahma 

Ans : b. Shiva

171. On the accounts of Hiuen Tsang it is mentioned that a famous port in the Bay of Bengal was under the control of Bhaskarvarma. Which was it?

a. Tamralipi 

b. Dhaka 

C. Vishakhapattam

d. Chittagaon (Chattagram) 

Ans : a. Tamralipi 

172. What was the reason behind the issue of Nidhanpur Grant by Bhaskarvarman?

a. Kamakhya temple 

b. Umananda temple

C. Durga Devi 

d. Review the land grants of Bhutivarman

Ans : d. Review the land grants of Bhutivarman

173. Hiuen Tsang visited Kamarupa during the reign of

a. Samudra Varman

b. Bhaskar-varman 

C. Vanamala-varman 

d. Narakasura

Ans : b. Bhaskar-varman 

174. The ruins of the brick temple at Da-Parbatiya belong to

a. Mauyryan period 

b. Vedic period

c. Later Gupta Period

d. None of these

Ans : c. Later Gupta Period

175. The first khasi chief to declare war against the British was

a. Tirot Singh Singh

b. Bir Singha 

C. Hari Singh

d. Birendra Singha 

Ans : a. Tirot Singh

176. Who was the first king of Pala dynasty?

a. Gopala 

b. Brahmapala 

C. Harshapala

d. Indrapala 

Ans : b. Brahmapala 

177. Which Kamrupa king made friendship with Harshavardhan?

a. Bhaskarvarman 

b. Naraka 

c. Rampal

d. Bhagadatta 

Ans : a. Bhaskarvarman 

178. Which famous temple is built during the reign of Salastambha dynasty?

a. Bhubaneshwari Mandir 

b. Sri Mahabhairab Mandir

c. Kamakhya Mandir

d. Mohamaya Mandir 

Ans : b. Sri Mahabhairab Mandir

179. Which king honoured Bhaskar-varman at a conference held at Kanouj?

a. Rampala 

b. Harshavardhan 

c. Ashoka

d. None of these 

Ans : b. Harshavardhan 

180. The ruins of the Da-parbatiya temple is dedicated to which god/goddes?

a. Visnu 

b. Shiva

C. Durga

d. Kamakhya 

Ans : b. Shiva

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