Assam Current Affairs March 2022 - Monthly Current Affairs of Assam for Competitive Exams

Assam GK and Current Affairs Quiz 2022 for APSC - Current Affairs of Assam March 2022 Questions and Answers

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC or any other Assam Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Monthly Current Affairs of Assam 2022 for the upcoming competitive exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the latest Assam GK and Current Affairs 2022 for APSC and other govt exams 2022. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Current Affairs of Assam March 2022 (অসমৰ সাম্প্ৰতিক পৰিক্ৰমা মাৰ্চ ২০২২) questions & answers for the upcoming APSC/PNRD/JAA/Irrigation/DHS/Assam Police exams. Infact the Assam Current Affairs, GK & News 2022 questions and answers will be a key topic in the GK current affairs section for the upcoming exams. So the Assam GK and Current Affairs March 2022 will be a pedestrian to crack your exam. 

Assam Current Affairs March 2022 - Monthly Current Affairs of Assam for Competitive Exams

Assam GK Quiz 2022

Assam Current Affairs 2022 for APSC

In this article we have provided you latest Assam Current Affairs 2022. So, read all these important Assam Current Affairs, GK & News 2022 for the upcoming APSC Prelims & Mains exam as well as other govt exams. These monthly Current Affairs Assam 2022 are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation.

Monthly Current Affairs of Assam 2022

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the latest updated monthly current affairs of Assam 2022. Specially the toppers of APSC recommend that aspirant start their preparation with the latest monthly Current Affairs Assam topics for the upcoming any competitive exams.

Assam GK and Monthly Current Affairs Quiz for Competitive Exam

There are mainly two very important Assam GK Quiz and Monthly Current Affairs Quiz of March 2022. They are :

1. The Assam government has extended the contentious Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) in the state for six more months. The notification came into effect from February 28. Initially, it was the Assam Disturbed Area Act of 1955 during the agitation by Nagas in undivided Assam. This Act gave freehand to some extent to the Army that was repealed with the incorporation of the Armed Forces (Special Power) Act, 1958. AFSPA was imposed in Assam in November 1990 and has been extended every six months since then after a review by the government. 

2. On March 1, 2022, the Union Minister of State for Education, Annpurna Devi, presented the National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2022. Award was presented to 49 teachers across India.

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অসমৰ সাম্প্ৰতিক পৰিক্ৰমা মাৰ্চ ২০২২

Current Affairs of Assam March 2022

Here are the GK on Current Affairs of Assam March 2022 for your upcoming exams. Read all these most important monthly current affairs Assam GK Quiz 2022 in order to answer the questions :

1. Who has become the first woman chief of SEBI?
Ans : Madhabi Puri Buch

2. Who has become the first female black judge of the US Supreme Court?
Ans : Ketanji Brown Jackson

3. Which state government has announced a budget of Rs 10 crore to promote camel rearing?
Ans : Rajasthan

4. Which medal has been won by India's Wushu player Saadia Tariq in Moscow Wushu Stars Championship?
Ans : Gold

5. Which tennis player has won the 91st title of her career by winning the Mexico Open?
Ans : Rafael Nadal

6. The Union Cabinet has approved what percentage of foreign investment in LIC IPO?
Ans : 20%

7. The President of which country has been suspended from the post of President by the International Judo Federation?
Ans : Russia

8. Who will lead Twitter's public policy team in India?
Ans : Samiran Gupta

9. The first solar power plant of Indian Railways has been launched in Bina for Indian Railways in which state?
Ans : Madhya Pradesh

10. Which High Court has directed the state government to form a panel for the wetlands?
Ans : Tripura High Court

11. Which Indian player won gold in Shooting World Cup?

Ans : Saurabh Choudhary

12. Who destroyed the World's largest plane 'Mriya' in Ukraine? 
Ans : Russia

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13. Which central minister inaugurated industry connect 2022? 
Ans : Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

14. Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of LIC mutual fund? 
Ans : TS Ramakrishnan

15. What is the theme of the ‘National Science Day 2022’? 
Ans : Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for Sustainable Future

16. Which country launched a rocket to place record 22 satellites in space? 
Ans : China

17. DIKSHA, SWAYAM and NISHTHA are initiatives of which Union Ministry? 
Ans : Ministry of Education

18. Who has become the largest recipient of US COVID-19 vaccines? 
Ans: Bangladesh

19. Who has become the new chairman of NAAC? 
Ans : Bhushan Patwardhan

20. Which state government has declared the entire state as a disturbed area?
Ans : Assam

21. Which India chief has been appointed by the World Bank as the Vice President of MIGA?
Ans : Junaid Kamal Ahmad

22. Who has become the new Commanding-in-Chief of the Western Command of the Indian Air Force?
Ans : Sreekumar Prabhakaran

23. Who has partnered with IRCTC for Unreserved Platform Tickets?
Ans : Paytm

24. Where has the 12th ICC Women's Cricket World Cup started?
Ans : New Zealand

25. Who has topped the recently released 'Sustainable Development Index 2021"? 
Ans : Finland

26. Which state government has initiated recently Amma and Bahini scheme?
Ans : Sikkim

27. Which state will get Greenfield airport in Hollongi?
Ans : Arunachal Pradesh

28. Which IIT has developed biodegradable nanoparticle?
Ans : IIT Kanpur

29. Which ministry has launched Swadesh Darshan Award?
Ans : Ministry of Tourism

30. Where was the Summit 2022 on Plastic Recycling and Waste Management inaugurated?
Ans : New Delhi

31. Who has launched the latest generation satellite to monitor dangerous weather? 
Ans : NASA

32. Who has been awarded the ‘Special Jury Award’ at the 9th edition of FICCI Water Awards?
Ans : National Mission for Clean Ganga

33. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of the airline company Jet Airways?
Ans : Sanjiv Kapoor

34. Who has been appointed by SBI as its Deputy Managing Director?
Ans : Nitin Chugh

35. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal?
Ans : DN Patel

36. Which ministry has launched the seventh edition of the world's largest urban sanitation survey?
Ans : Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

37. Who has presented National ICT Awards to 49 teachers across the country for improving educational institutions?
Ans : Annapurna Devi

38. Where has India's first Smart Managed EV Charging Station started?
Ans : New Delhi

39. Who has inaugurated 'Tech Conclave 2022'?
Ans : Ashwini Vaishnaw

40. Who has recently resigned as Additional Solicitor General of India? 
Ans : Aman Lekhi

41. Which country has recently got approval to join the European Union? 
Ans : Ukraine

42. Who has been made the official partner of IPL 2022? 
Ans : Rupay

43. Who will host the G7 Agriculture Ministers' virtual meeting?
Ans : Germany

44. Which has recently become the most rejected country' in the world?
Ans : Russia

45. Which country has become the world's largest crude oil producer?
Ans : USA

46. In which state Home Minister Amit Shah has announced 33% reservation for women in government jobs?
Ans : Tripura

47. Who has been given Vishwakarma National Award?
Ans : Bhupender Yadav

48. Who will get the US International Women of Courage Award for 2022?
Ans : Rizwana Hasan

49. Where is India's largest sleeping posture statue of Lord Buddha being built?
Ans : Bodh Gaya

50. Which country has banned the import of oil, gas and coal from Russia?
Ans : USA

51. Who has been appointed as the President of FATF?
Ans : T Raja Kumar

52. Which country has banned Facebook completely?
Ans : Russia

53. Who has unveiled the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Pune?
Ans : Narendra Modi

54. Where will Microsoft set up India's largest data centre area?
Ans : Hyderabad

55. Where was the annual summit of the India Global Forum held?
Ans : Bengaluru

56. Which country has test-fired the 'Reconnaissance Satellite System'?
Ans : North Korea

57. Which state has become the 9th state in the country to withdraw consent from the CBI to investigate internal matters ?
Ans : Meghalaya

58. Who inaugurated the Indo-Pacific Military Health Exchange Conference?
Ans : Rajnath Singh

59. Who will be awarded posthumously with Nari Shakti Puraskar?
Ans : Dr Ila Lodh

60. Who has been honored with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia Lifetime Achievement Award?
Ans : Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

61. Where has Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 11th Khel Mahakumbh?
Ans : Ahmedabad

62. Who has become the first Indian player to score a half century in 28 balls, breaking kapil Dev's record in Test cricket?
Ans : Rishabh Pant

63. Where has the National Defense University building been inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi?
Ans : Gandhinagar

64. Who has been selected for the 'Climate Force Antarctica Expedition'?
Ans : Aarushie Verma

65. Who has started the 'Sambhav' and 'Swavalamban' initiatives?
Ans : Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma

66. Which ministry has launched a special entrepreneurship promotion campaign for women named 'Samarth'?
Ans : Ministry of MSME

67. Who has approved the establishment of the National Land Monetization Corporation?
Ans : Union Cabinet

68. In which city has the annual summit of the India Global Forum been organized?
Ans : Bengaluru

69. With whose cooperation the Ministry of Education has launched the 'Kanya Shiksha Pravesh Utsav' campaign?

70. Which has become India's first unicorn sports enterprise?
Ans : Chennai Super Kings

71. Who has been appointed as the chairman of IRDAI?
Ans : Debasish Panda

72. ISRO will select how many students for the Young Scientist Program?
Ans : 150

73. Who has become the new Commandant of the Indian Air Force Academy?
Ans : B Chandra Sekhar

74. Which state government has tied up with NABARD to increase fish production?
Ans : Odisha

75. How many Indian airports have got a place in ACI World's ASQ Awards 2021?
Ans : 06

76. Who has become the new MD & CEO of Colgate Palmolive (India)?
Ans : Prabha Narasimhan

77. Which state government has launched the 'Mukhyamantri Cha Shramik Kalyan Prakalpa' scheme?
Ans : Tripura

78. Recently the IMF board has approved 1.4 billion emergency aid for which country?
Ans : Ukraine

79. Who has been appointed by the government as the chairman of the National Financial Authority?
Ans : Ajay Bhushan Pandey

80. Where has the 3rd National Youth Parliament Festival started?
Ans : New Delhi

81. Which IIT has established Param Ganga Super Computer?
Ans : IIT Roorkee

82. Which country has topped the medal tally in ISSF World Cup 2022?
Ans : India

83. Which state government has announced to launch a mega campaign for urban farming?
Ans : Delhi

84. According to the recently released SIPRI report, who has become the largest importer of arms?

Ans : India

85. Who has inaugurated the 'Yoga Mahotsav 2022'?

Ans : Sarbanand Sonowal

86. Who has been elected as the new President of Air India? 

Ans : N Chandrasekaran

87. Who has been chosen as the ICC Player of the Month for February?

Ans : Shreyas lyer & Amelia Kerr

88. Who has become the new MD & Chairman of 'Oil India Limited"? 

Ans: Ranjit Rath

89. Which country will sign a $01 billion line of credit with India?

Ans : Sri Lanka

90. Which medal has been won by the Indian women's handball team in the Asian Junior Championship?

Ans : Gold

91. Who has won the Leading Actor Award at the 'BAFTA Awards 2022'?

Ans : Will Smith

92. Who will host the FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022? 

Ans : India

93. According to the recently released report, which state has lowest maternal mortality ratio?

Ans : Kerala

94. Who has received the Best Film Award at the BAFTA Awards 2022? 

Ans : The Power of the Dog

95. Who has been appointed as the chairman of 'Cll Western Region'? 

Ans : Sunil Chordia

96. Which of the following will host the BIMSTEC summit 2022? 

Ans : Sri Lanka

97. Which state government has presented the deficit budget for the financial year 2023?

Ans : Assam

98. Moody's has projected India's growth rate to be what per cent in 2022-23?

Ans : 9.1%

99. Who has been crowned Miss World 2021? Ans : Karolina Bielawska

100. Who has entered the top five clubs in the world in terms of market capitalization? 

Ans : India

101. Which country's Prime Minister has visited India recently?

Ans : Japan

102. Which country has been added to the Continental Europe Synchronous Area? 

Ans : Ukraine

103. MV Ram Prasad Bismil has become the longest ship ever going from Ganga to which river?

Ans : Brahmaputra

104. Where is the SAFF U-18 Women's Championship 2022 held?

Ans : Jharkhand

105. Which country has announced an investment of Rs 320,000 crore in India in the next five years? 

Ans : Japan

106. Who has presented a budget of Rs 1.42 lakh crore for Jammu and Kashmir for the financial year 2022-23?

Ans : Nirmala Sitharaman

107. Where has the Putul Utsav been organized? 

Ans : New Delhi

108. Who has won the Asian Billiards title for the 8th time?

Ans : Pankaj Advani

109. Where was the Flight Control System Integration Complex inaugurated by the Defense Minister? 

Ans : Bengaluru

110. India and which country have started 'Clean Energy Partnership"?

Ans : Japan

111. Which company has become the first company to offer digital payments to non-internet users? 

Ans : BPCL

112. Which state has become the first to implement the 'NeVA' program ? 

Ans : Nagaland

113. Who has been announced as the 2022 laureate of the Pritzker architecture prize 2022 ?

Ans : Architect, educator and social activist Francis Kere

114. Who has been appointed as the President of Assam Pradesh Mahila Congress ?

Ans : Mira Borthakur

115. Who has been posted as Assistant Inspector General of Police (Sports) Assam ?

Ans : IPS Anand Mishra

116. How many new planets have been discovered by NASA outside the Earth's solar system? 

Ans : 65

117. Where has DRDO test-fired the surface-to-surface BrahMos supersonic cruise missile?

Ans : Andaman and Nicobar

118. Who has been honored with the Abel Prize for the year 2022? 

Ans : Dennis Parnell

119. Which state has become the first to introduce carbonneutral farming methods? 

Ans : Kerala

120. Which IIT has set up Policy Center with AquaMAP Water Management? 

Ans : IIT Madras

121. Who inaugurated the Biplobi Gallery in Victoria Memorial Hall?

Ans : Narendra Modi

122. Recently, the government has set a target to build how many new airports by 2025? 

Ans : 170

123. When is the 187th 'Assam Rifles Raising Day' celebrated? 

Ans : 24 March

124. Who has been appointed as an advisor in the Defense Ministry? 

Ans : Vinod G Khandare

125. Who has been appointed as the new MD & CEO of Maruti Suzuki? 

Ans : Hisashi Takeuchi

126. Which has become the first Indian company to sponsor FIFA World Cup 2022?

Ans : Byju's

127. The Ministry of Defense has approved the establishment of how many new Sainik Schools? 

Ans : 21

128. Who has been appointed as the next Director-General of ILO? 

Ans : Gilbert Houngbo

129. Where has India's first 'Steel Road' been inaugurated? 

Ans : Gujarat

130. Who has been elected as the President of the Badminton Association of India? 

Ans : Himanta Biswa Sarma

131. Who has chaired the 93rd general meeting of ICAR Society? 

Ans : Narendra Singh Tomar

132. Who has won the title of 'Swiss Open Badminton 2022"? 

Ans : PV Sindhu

133. Who has been appointed as the President of ASSOCHAM? 

Ans : Sumant Sinha

134. Who has represented India in the 18th BIMSTEC Ministerial meeting? 

Ans : S Jaishankar

135. Who has been appointed as the commissioner of the Premier Handball League? 

Ans : Rajeev Khanna

136. Assam and which state have signed an agreement to resolve the 50-year-old border dispute? 

Ans : Meghalaya

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