GK on Indian History Questions and Answers for UPSC | GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for Competitive Exam

The Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Question and Answer | Indian History GK for UPSC Set 2

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC or any other Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Indian History GK for UPSC Prelims. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Indian History GK Questions and Answers for UPSC and any other govt exams 2022. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important best GK on Indian History Questions and Answers for the upcoming exams. Infact the GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for Competitive Exam will be a key topic in the Indian History GK section for the upcoming UPSC Prelims & any other Govt Exams 2022. So the GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for UPSC for the upcoming exams will be a pedestrian to crack your exam.

GK on Indian History Questions and Answers for UPSC | GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for Competitive Exam

GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for UPSC

Indian History GK Quiz for Competitive Exam

In this article we have provided you the most important Indian History GK Quiz important for competitive exams. So, read all these important best General Knowledge on Indian History for Competitive Exams. These GK Questions & Answers on Indian History are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation. Infact the GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for UPSC is very important for any kind of  competitive  exams of 2022.

Indian History GK Questions and Answers

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the Indian History GK Questions and Answers. Specially the toppers of UPSC or other exams recommend that aspirant start their preparation with the Indian GK topics such as GK on Indian History questions and answers for the upcoming exams.

Indian History GK for UPSC Prelims and Indian History Quiz for Competitive Exam

There are mainly two very important Indian History GK for UPSC Prelims and Indian History Quiz for Competitive Exam. They are  :

1. Babur was the founder of the Mughal empire which was established in 1526 after Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat. Thus a new epoch and a new empire in India began, lasting for nearly three centuries beginning from 1526 to 1857. Six major rulers of this dynasty, Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, known as the “Great Mughals”, left their mark on Indian history. The empire declined after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. 

2. The South- Asian subcontinent had been dominated by the mighty Mughal Empire. But in the eighteenth century, the control held by the Mughals had begun to change for two reasons. First, growing internal divisions led to rival groups challenging the central government of the declining empire. Second, European merchants and governments started looking for ways to get some of the empire's wealth. Technically, the empire would survive until 1858. In reality, these two changes amplified each other and had already created a major crisis for the Mughal rulers in 1750. 

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GK on Indian History Questions and Answers for UPSC | GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for Competitive Exam  

Here are the most important best 50 GK Quiz on Mughal Empire for UPSC Prelims exam. Read all these important GK on Indian History Questions and Answers for UPSC in order to answer the questions :

1. Who was the first Indian ruler who had territory outside India?
Ans : Kanishka

2. Who was the last Hindu emperor of northern india?
Ans : Prithviraj Chauhan

3. Who was the last Hindu king ruled North India?
Ans : Harshavardhana

4. Which was the last Hindu empire in India?
Ans : Chauhan Dynasty

5. Who Ruled India the longest?
Ans : The Chola Dynasty

6. Who defeated Sikander in India?
Ans : King Porus of Paurava

7. What is the full name of Aurangzeb?
Ans : Muin-ud-din Mohammed Aurangzeb

8. Which war led to the Establishment of Mughal empire in India ?
Ans : Panipat in 1526

9. Who defeated Mughal Empire?
Ans : Marathas

10. Who was the last Mughal empire?
Ans : Bahadur Shah II

11. Which city was the capital of Mughal Empire?
Ans : Agra

12. When did the Mughal empire start and end?
Ans : 1526 and 1857

13. Who was the chief architect of Red Fort?
Ans : Ustad Ahmad Lahouri

14. When was the first war of Panipat fought?
Ans : 21 April 1526

15. How many rulers were there in Mughal Empire?
Ans : 6

16. Who annexed Golconda in Mughal Empire?
Ans : Emperor Aurangzeb

17. Who was the first Indian ruler to organize Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state?
Ans : Akbar

18. Who was the ruler of India in 1857?
Ans : Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah II

19. Who was the first king of India?
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya

20. Which is the capital of Shivaji?
Ans : Raigad Fort

21. Who emerged victorious in the Third Battle of Panipat?
Ans : Ahmad Shah Durrani

22. Who was the first dynasty of the Delhi sultan?
Ans : Mamluk Dynasty (Qutb-ud-din Aibak) 

23. Who was the greatest ruler of Delhi Sultanate?
Ans : Firoz Shah Tughlaq

24. Who was the commander in chief of Akbar?
Ans : Bairam Khan

25. Which name was used for military chief in Mughal period?
Ans : Mansabdars

26. Who constructed Moti Masjid in Red Fort?
Ans : Mughal emperor Aurangzeb

27. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
Ans : Jahangir

28. Whom did Shah Jahan appoint as the Governor of Mughal provinces in the Deccan?
Ans : Aurangzeb

29. Which Mughal emperor assumed the title of Alamgir?
Ans : Aurangzeb

30. In which language did Babar write his autobiography Tuzuk-i-babari?
Ans : Turkish

31. During the reign of which Mughal emperor, was the empire territorially most extensive?
Ans : Aurangzeb

32. Who translated Tuzuk-I-Baburi in Persian language?
Ans : Abdul Rahim Khan-I- Khana

33. What was the language of Baburnama?
Ans : Chagatai language

34. Who wrote Akbar Nama?
Ans : Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak

35. Who was the finance minister of Akbar?
Ans : Raja Todar Mal

36. Who built Buland Darwaja?
Ans : Mughal emperor Akbar

37. Which language was used as an official language in Akbar's court?
Ans : Persian

38. Who built Panch Mahal?
Ans : Akbar

39. What was the name of third volume of Akbarnama?
Ans : The Ain-i Akbari

40. With whose permission did the English set up their first factory in Surat?
Ans : Jahangir

41. When was the first English factory established in Surat?
Ans : 1612

42. Who got the permission from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir to establish their first factory at Surat?
Ans : Thomas Roe

43. Where did the British establish their first factory in the southern coast?
Ans : town of Masulipatnam on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal

44. Name the first Britisher came to India?
Ans : John Mildenhall

45. When was the first French factory established in India?
Ans : 1668

46. When was the famous Treaty of Chittor signed during the reign of Jahangir?
Ans : 1615 AD

47. Ramayana was translated into Persian at Akbar’s court by whom?
Ans : Badayuni

48. What do you mean by Mughal Zagir?
Ans : Giving officer a right to revenue

49. In the Mughal administration, military recruitment had been looked after by whom?
Ans : Bakhshi

50. Which Mughal Emperor transferred the Mughal Capital from Agra to Delhi?
Ans : Shahjahan 

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