GK on Rafale 2020 | Current Affairs on Rafale | Top 20 MCQs on Rafale

GK Questions on Rafale --

"Current Affairs 2020 on Rafale" is presently one of the most relevant and important part of Exams like UPSC/State PSC/SSC/CTET/Railways and many other Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a 20 Most important GK Questions on Rafale which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams. 

Indian Air Force Current Affairs 2020

On July 29,2020, Forty-six months after the €7.87 bn (Rs 59,000 crore) Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA), which was signed between India and France in September 2016, the first five of 36 Rafale fighter Jets, from France were landed in Ambala in Haryana after covering the distance of nearly 8500 km to join the Indian Air Force (IAF). 

The five aircrafts including two twin seater trainer aircraft and three single seater fighter aircraft. These fighter jets are manufactured with 13 India Specific Enhancements (ISE), by Dassault Aviation, a French company

GK on Rafale 2020 | Current Affairs on Rafale | Top 20 MCQs on Rafale

1st five of 36 French Rafale fighter jets landed at Haryana’s Ambala Airbase

General Knowledge 2020 : Top 20 MCQs on Rafale: 

 Key facts of Rafale : RAFALE:

Here are the most interesting Facts about Rafale Fighter Jet -- Induction of first set of five Rafale fighter Jets --

1. It is capable of flying from 36 thousand feet to 50 thousand feet. Not only this, but it also reaches 50 thousand feet in 1 minute.

2. It can cover a range of 3700 km.

3. Its speed is 1920 kilometre per hour. 

4. It is capable of flying from an extremely short runway of 1312 feet.

5. It has the capacity to carry 15,590 gallons of fuel.

6. Rafale is capable of carrying air-to-air lethal missiles.

7. Rafale can fly up to 2,000 nautical miles at a time.

8. Rafael is 0.82 feet higher than America's F-16.

9. Rafael's length is 0.79 feet more than America's F-16.

10. Its wings are 10.90 meters in length, its height is 5.30 meters and its length is 15.30 meters. 

Rafale fighter jets Current Affairs - 2020 --

Top 20 'Current Affair' questions with answers and GK on RAFALE 2020 --

1) Rafale aircraft is being acquired from -

A. France

B. United Kingdom

C. Italy

D. Switzerland 

Ans- A

2) Rafale fighter aircraft is designed & built by which company ?


B. Dassault Aviation 



Ans- B

3. How many Rafale India bought from France? 

A. 46

B. 56

C. 26

D. 36

Ans- D

4. When was Rafale deal signed? 

A. 23rd Oct 2016

B. 23rd Sep 2016

C. 23rd July 2016

D. 23rd June 2016

Ans- B

5. Rafale is equipped with which missile system? 





Ans- C

6. What is the maximum speed of RAFALE? 

A. 1223 km/h

B. 2223 km/h

C. 3223 km/h

D. 4223 km/h

Ans- B

7. A Rafale can carry upto................ Mica Missiles? 

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10

Ans-  B

8. What is the range of RAFALE? 

A. 2500 km

B. 3000 km

C. 3700 km

D. 4000 km

Ans- C

9. 36 Rafale deal cost between India and France... 

A. ₹ 79,000 Crore

B. ₹ 59,000 Crore

C. ₹ 44,000 Crore

D. ₹ 99,000 Crore

Ans- B

10. Rafale can easily carry bombs upto..... 

A. 8500 KG

B. 9500 KG

C. 6500 KG

D. 7500 KG

Ans- B

11. Rafale is equipped with Beyond visual range missile, which has a range of....... 

A. 100 km/h

B. 125 km/h

C. 150 km/h

D. 175 km/h

Ans- C

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12. Rafale is equippe with Scalp missile, which has a range of....... 

A. 100 km/h

B. 200 km/h

C. 300 km/h

D. 400 km/h

Ans- C

13. Which engine is used in RAFALE? 

A. Snecma M88

B. Snecma M88 & Turbofan

C. Turbofan

D. T4 Burbofan

Ans- B

14. Rafale is fitted with........ 

A. 1 Engine

B. 2 Engine 

C. 3 Engine

D. 4 Engine

Ans- B

15. What is the length of Rafale? 

A. 12.30 M

B. 13.30 M

C. 15.30 M

D. 16.30 M

Ans- C

16. The first batch of 5 Rafale fighter jets arrived at which Air Force Station? 

A. Ambala Air Force Station

B. Pathankot Air Force Station 

C. Agartala Air Force Station

D. Port Blair Air Force Station

Ans- A

17. Who is the first Indian Pilot to fly Rafale? 

A. Vikram Shetty

B. Alok Satyarthi

C. Hilal Ahmad Rather 

D. Saurav Kukreja 

Ans- C

GK on Rafale 2020 | Current Affairs on Rafale | Top 20 MCQs on Rafale
Air Commodore Hilal Ahmad Rather

18. For how many hours Rafale can fly in the sky? 

A. 10 hrs

B. 12 hrs

C. 14 hrs

D. 16 hrs

Ans- A

19. When was Ambala Air Force Base established? 

A. 18 th June,1915

B. 18 th June,1919

C. 18 th June,1938

D. 18 th June,1962

Ans- B

20. Rafale is considered as the............. generation aircraft. 

A. 4th Generation

B. 4.5 Generation 

C. 5th Generation

D. 5.5 Generation

Ans- B

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