GK on Ram Mandir in English - Current Affairs on Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2020

Ram Mandir Ayodhya Current Affairs 2020 - Quiz on Ram Mandir Ayodhya

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC, APSC or any other competitive exams? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important GK on Ram Mandir & Current Affairs on Ayodhya Ram Mandir for the upcoming competitive exams preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the mcq on Ram Mandir for APSC Prelims exam. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Ram Mandir mcq gk for the upcoming govt exams like UPSC, SSC, IBPS, APSC, Assam TET, Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV Exam, APDCL, DHS, Assam Police, Irrigation, PNRD, JAA exam. Infact the Quiz on Ram Mandir Ayodhya for Assam Competitive Exam will be a key topic in the current affairs and India Gk section for the upcoming exams. So the GK on Ram Mandir & Current Affairs on Ayodhya Ram Mandir for APSC will be a pedestrian to crack your exam. 

GK on Ram Mandir in English - Current Affairs on Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2020

GK Questions on Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir

Shri Ram Mandir, popularly known as Ram Mandir, is a Hindu temple located in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shri Rama and is believed to have been built at Ram Janmabhoomi (the birthplace of Lord Shri Rama). This Ram Temple reflects the cultural and spiritual heritage associated with Lord Rama and holds immense cultural and religious significance for the Hindus. 

The foundation stone for the temple was laid by the Prime Minister on August 5, 2020. The construction of the Ram Mandir is being supervised by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra trust. Ram Lalla Virajman, the infant form of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the presiding deity of the temple. 

Important Facts about Ram Mandir ::

• Chief Architect: Chandrakant B. Sompura (CBS)

• Architecture Style: It is designed in the Nagara Style (and highly inspired from Gurjara-Chalukya style of Nagara style of architecture). Gurjara Chalukya architecture is classified as part of the Nagara style of temple architecture.

• Construction Company: Larsen and Toubro (L&T)

• Project Management Company: Tata Consulting Engineers Limited ( TCEL)

• Design Advisors: IIT Chennai, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, CBRI Roorkee, SVNIT Surat, NGRI Hyderabad

• Sculptors: Arun Yogiraaj (Mysore), Ganesh Bhatt and Satyanarayan Pandey

• Total Area: 70 Acre (70% green Area)

• Temple Area: 2.77 Acre

• Temple Dimensions:

• Length – 380 Ft.

• Width – 250 Ft.

• Height – 161 Ft.

• Construction Style: Indian Nagar Style

* Special Features ::

• 2 Sewer Treatment Plants

• 1 Water Treatment Plant

• Dedicated Power Supply

* The temple consists of 5 Mandapas :: 

• Nritya Mandapa, 

• Rang Mandapa, 

• Sabha Mandapa, 

• Prarthana Mandapa, 

• Kirtan Mandapa

* On all four corners of the periphery (Parikota), four temples dedicated to Suryadev, Mother Bhagwati, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva will be constructed.

Top 20 General Knowledge on Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Here are the GK on Ram Mandir for your upcoming competitive exams. Read all these most important current affairs on Ram Mandir in order to answer the questions :

1. The city called Ayodhya is in which Indian state? 

A. Uttar Pradesh. 

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Punjab 

D. Tamil Nadu

Ans- A. Uttar Pradesh

2. Lord Rama's birthplace took place on the banks of which river? 

A. Ganga river 

B. Yamuna river

C. Kauveri river 

D. Sarayu river

Ans- D. Sarayu river 

3. How much feet tall is Ayodhya Ram Mandir Temple? 

A. 161 feet 

B. 150 feet

C. 189 feet 

D. 251 feet

Ans- A. 161 feet

4. Which company is constructing Ram Mandir? 


B. Larsen & Toubro

C. Adani Group 


Ans- B. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) 

5. Who is the chief Architect of Ram Mandir? 

A. Sohan Bansal 

B. Rajnish Kumar

C. Chandrakant Sompura 

D. None of these

Ans- C. Chandrakant Sompura

6. When was the foundation stone of Ram Mandir laid? 

A. 5th August 2020 

B. 15th July 2020

C. 15 th August 2020 

D. 12 June 2020

Ans- A. 5th August 2020 

7. Who laid the foundation stone of Ram Mandir Temple? 

A. Amit Shah 

B. L K Advani

C. Narendra Modi 

D. Yogi Adityanath

Ans- C. Narendra Modi

8. How many pillars will be there in Ram Mandir temple? 

A. 300
B. 335

C. 350 

D. 360

Ans- D. 360

9. What is the cost to build Ram Mandir? 

A. 100 Crore 

B. 200 Crore

C. 250 Crore 

D. 300 Crore

Ans- D. 300 Crore 

10. How long will it take to build Ram Mandir? 

A. 2 years 

B. 3 years

C. 3.5 years 

D. 4 years

Ans- C. 3.5 years 

GK on Ram Mandir in English - Current Affairs on Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2020

Ram Mandir Current Affairs 2020

11. What is the total area of disputed land in Ayodhya? 

A. 2.77 acres 

B. 3.99 acres

C. 5.50 acres 

D. 7.50 acres

Ans- A. 2.77 acres 

12. How much land given to the Masjid after Ayodhya verdict? 

A. 2 acres 

B. 3.5 acres

C. 5 acres 

D. 7.5 acres

Ans- C. 5 acres 

13. When was the last verdict given to the Ayodhya dispute? 

A. 9 November, 2019

B. 18 November, 2019

C. 3 January, 2020

D. 31st July, 2020

Ans- A. 9 November, 2019 

14. What was the ancient name of Ayodhya? 

A. Avadh 

B. Faizabad 

C. Prayagraj 

D. Pataliputra

Ans- B. Faizabad

15. Who was the Prime Minister of India at the time of demolition of Babri Masjid? 

A. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

B. Rajiv Gandhi

C. P V Narasimha Rao

D. Dr Manmohan Singh

Ans- C. P V Narasimha Rao 

16. When was Mughal emperor Babur died? 

A. 26 December, 1530

B. 26 December, 1540

C. 26 December, 1549

D. 26 December, 1550

Ans- A. 26 December, 1530 

17. When was Babri Masjid built? 

A. September, 1500

B. September 1525

C. September 1528

D. September 1538

Ans- C. September 1528 

18. When was Babri Masjid demolished? 

A. 6 December, 1982

B. 6 December, 1987

C. 6 December, 1992

D. 6 December, 1996

Ans- C. 6 December, 1992 

19. Who was the chief justice gave final verdict to Ayodhya dispute? 

A. Ajay Rastogi 

B. Ranjan Gogoi 

C. N. V. Ramana

D. R. F. Nariman

Ans- B. Ranjan Gogoi 

20. When did Ayodhya issue start? 

A. November 30, 1852

B. November 30, 1855

C. November 30, 1858 

D. November 30, 1868

Ans- C. November 30, 1858 

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