GK ON UNO 2020 | United Nations Current Affairs - 2020

World Organization UNO - General Knowledge Questions and Answers Set-3 updated on July 26, 2020 

United Nations Current Affairs - 2020

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GK ON UNO 2020 | United Nations Current Affairs - 2020

The Year 2020 Designated by UN as "International Year of Plant Health". Capping off the "Decade on Biodiversity". 

 The UN continues to recognize and promote "Healthy Eco Systems as Key to Sustainable Development".

Most important GK Question & Answer on UN ::

• Which day has been celebrated as UN Day?

Ans :: 24 October

Every year 24 October, the United Nations Day is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the anniversary of the official creation of the United Nations through the 1945 UN Charter. The aim was to encourage co-operation between all the governments of the world after the failure of the League of Nations. In other words, it was an effort to prevent another war like World War II from breaking out. 

The day is rooted in a spirit of determination to: Heal divisions, Repair relations, Build peace, Expand opportunities, Leave no one behind.

General Knowledge on United Nations Organization (UNO) 

Well here are the MCQ GK on United Nations Organization (UNO) for your upcoming competitive exams. Read these most important United Nations mcq GK in order to answer the questions :

1. Who was the only Secretary General of the UNO to have died while in office?

A. U Thant

B. Dag Hammarskjöld

C. Trygvy Lie

D. Kurt Waldhiem 

Ans- B

2. How many member countries did the UNO have on its formation in 1945?

A. 45

B. 48

C. 51

D. 54 

Ans- C

3. How many non-permanent members are there in the Security Council?

A. 10

B. 12

C. 15

D. 8 

Ans- A

4. Which organ of the United Nations Organisation is responsible for coordinating the work of its specialised agencies?

A. General Assembly

B. Economic and Social Council

C. Security Council

D. Secretariat 

Ans- B

5. What is the term of a non-permanent member of the Security Council?

A. 1 year

B. 2 years

C. 3 years

D. 4 years 

Ans- B

6. When was the ILO established?

A. 1942

B. 1927

C. 1919

D. 1930

Ans- C 

7. Who had given the "Fourteen Point" programme for the formation of League of Nations? 

A. Williamson

B. Franklin D. Roosevelt

C. Sam Kutesa

D. Woodrow Wilson

Ans- D 

8. Which Conference adopted the United Nations Charter on 26th January, 1945?

A. London Conference

B. Tokyo Conference

C. San Francisco Conference

D. None of the above

Ans- C 

9. The General Assembly of the United Nations have designated 1992 as:

A. International Child Year

B. International Space Year

C. International Year of the Family

D. International Year of Literacy

Ans- B 

10. Which of the following countries is not having veto power in the security council? 


B. Canada


D. China 

Ans- B

11. Which one of the following is not an official language of UNO? 

A. French

B. Spanish

C. Arabic

D. Italian 

Ans- D

12. How many judges are there in International Court of Justice? 

A. 9

B. 11

C. 13

D. 15 

Ans- D

13. Which UN body has imposed the strongest sanctions ever on North Korea in Sept 2017?




d. IMF 

Ans- C

14. Which country became its last member ?

A. South Sudan

B. Kenya

C. Lebanon

D. Bangladesh

Ans - A. in 2011 

15. Which UN body confers the Literacy Prize?





Ans- A

16. Which government accepted a UN proposed peace agreement to end civil war?

A. Syria

B. Colombia

C. Yemen

D. None of the above 

Ans- C

17. When was United Nations Public Service Day celebrated?

A. 22nd June

B. 23rd June

C. 24th June

D. 25th June 

Ans- B

18. In which year was the UNO awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? 

A. 1975

B. 1999

C. 2001

D. 2006 

Ans- C

19. Which specialized agency of UNO lists World Heritage Sites?





Ans- A

20. Who coined the term United Nations?

A. Franklin D Roosevelt

B. Harry Truman

C. Winston Churchill

D. Joseph Stalin 

Ans- A

21. The permanent seat of the International Court of Justice is located in ................... 

A. Paris

B. The Hague

C. Mumbai

D. Geneva 

Ans- B

22. Where is the headquarters of the International Mobile Satellite Organisation :

A. U.K. 

B. U.S.A. 

C. Spain 

D. Netherlands

Ans- A

23. Which of the following established as the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 :





Ans- A

24. Which permanent member of the Security Council used double veto on the question of Greece, Czechoslovakia and Spain :



C. Britain 

D. Canada

Ans- B 

25. How many members does the Economic and Social Council have?

A. 15 

B. 22 

C. 36 

D. 54

Ans- D

26. How many official languages does the United Nations have?

A. 5 

B. 6 

C. 7 

D. 4 

Ans- B

27. For a long period, China was represented in the United Nations by....... 

A. Taiwan 

B. Peking 

C. Hongkong 

D. Tokyo 

Ans- D

28. Which of the following is used as the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)?

A. Deer 

B. Panda 

C. Camel 

D. Lion 

Ans- B

29. Which UN body deals with population problem?





Ans- A

30. The primary function of the United Nations when it was conceived was ____

A. Nuclear Disarmament

B. Fellowshipping

C. Peacekeeping

D. Special Elections 

Ans- C  

 Well these are the Gk Questions & Answers on International Organisation. 


Q: When and where was UN established? 

 = 24 October 1945, San Francisco, California, United States. 

Q: What are the main principal organs of UNO? 

 = The United Nations (UN) has Six main organs.

 1) General Assembly,

 2) Security Council,

 3) Economic and Social Council, 

 4) Trusteeship Council 

 5) Secretariat & 

 6) International Court of Justice

Q: Where is the headquarters of UN? 

 = New York, United States 

Q: How many countries are there in UNO at present? 

 = 193

United Nations Organisations Questions and Answers (World GK Quiz)

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