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"GK on Indian Space Programme" is one of the most relevant and important part of Exams like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)/UPSC/State PSC/SSC/CTET/Railways and many other Competitive Exams. 

Therefore "World_Polity" provides a 30 GK questions & answers on Space Programmes Of India which will be padestrian to crack your exams. 

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These informations are the Milestones of Indian Space Programme -

1. Father of Indian Space Programme 

Ans : Vikram Sarabhai

2. First Rocket launching station in India 

Ans : Thumba(1962)

3. First Rocket launched from Thumba

Ans : Nike Appache(1963)

4. First Chairman of ISRO

Ans : Vikram Sarabhai

5. The Rocket launching station which lies near to the equator

Ans : Thumba

6. TERLS was formally dedicated to the United Nations on

Ans : February 2,1968

7. The Rocket launched from Thumba on the 50th anniversary of first Rocket launch

Ans : RH 200

8. Rocket RH 200 was launched on

Ans : November 21,2013

9. Indian Space department, and Space Commission came into existence in

Ans : 1972

10. First Satellite of India

Ans : Aryabhatta

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11. Aryabhatta was launched on

Ans : Apirl 19,1975

12. Aryabhatta was launched from

Ans : Volgo Grad (Russia)

13. Second satellite from India

Ans : Bhaskara(1979)

14. First Indian Communication Satellite


15. India's first Education Satellite

Ans : Edusat

16. India's Indigenous Radar imaging satellite

Ans : RISAT-1

17. First Space capsule recovery experiment of India

Ans : S.R.E 1

18. First Satellite to study about Ocean

Ans : Oceansat

19. First University in India launched a satellite

Ans : Anna University

20. Father of Space Science

Ans : Konstantin Tsiolkovsky 

21. Father of Modern Space Science 

Ans : Galileo Galilei 

22. Father of Indian Space Science 

Ans : Vikram Sarabhai

23. The 100th Space mission of ISRO 

Ans : PSLV C- 21 

24. PSLV C -21 launched on

Ans : September 9, 2012 

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25. PSLV C -21 launched from 

Ans : Sriharikota

26. Sateliites in PSLV C- 21 

Ans : SPOT 6 (France), PROITERES (Japan)

27. The 101th Space mission of ISRO 

Ans : PSLV C- 20 

28. PSLV C -20 launched on

Ans : February 25, 2013 

29. PSLV C-20 launched from 

Ans : Sriharikotta

30. First Man/Women in the space

Ans : Rakesh Sharma

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