Indian History MCQ for Competitive Exam | Indian History Questions Answers

Indian History Questions for Competitive Exams set 1

Indian History MCQ for Competitive Exam | Indian History Questions Answers
Ancient Indian History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions 

Indian History MCQ for Competitive Exam is one among the foremost relevant and important parts of the Exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS/PNRD/NDA and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a set of Indian History MCQ for Competitive Exam in the sort of Practice sets contains 30 Ancient Indian History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions for competitive exams which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams. 

So, Practice all these Indian History MCQ – GK Questions for Competitive Exams to prepare for the upcoming exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of Indian History MCQ - GK Questions for Competitive Exams. 

Indian History MCQ - General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam 

1. What did the Indus valley civilization represent?

A. Nomadic culture

B. Tribal culture

C. Urban culture

D. Rural culture

Ans- C. Urban culture

2. When was the Congress Muslim League pact concluded? 

A. 1916

B. 1926 

C. 1935 

D. 1920

Ans- A. 1916

3. Which battle laid the foundation of the Mughal rule in India? 

A. Battle of Plassey 

B. Battle of Talikota

C. First battle of Panipat 

D. Second battle of Panipat

Ans- A. Battle of Plassey 

4. When did the Aryans come to India?

A. Between 1500-1000 BC

B. Between 500-200 BC

C. Between 1000-500 BC

D. Between 2000-1500 BC

Ans- D. Between 2005-1500 BC

5. Who was the founder of the Magadha Empire?

A. Chandragupta 

B. King Bimbisara 

C. Aurangzeb 

D. Ashoka

Ans- B. King Bimbisara 

6. Who is recognised as the greatest Mauryan king? 

A. Chandragupta Maurya

B. King Gopala

C. Harshavardhana

D. King Ashoka

Ans- A. Chandragupta Maurya

7. Ancient India is considered as the first historical emperor of India?

A. King Ashoka

B. Babar

C. Akbar

D. Chandragupta Maurya

Ans- D. Chandragupta Maurya

8. Name the founder of the Maurya Empire? 

A. Chandragupta Maurya

B. UpaGupta

C. Bindusara

D. Susima

Ans- A. Chandragupta Maurya

9. Name the Gupta king who is famous for his conquest and military expeditions? 

A. Chandragupta

B. Vikramaditya

C. Samudragupta

D. Kumar Gupta

Ans- C. Samudragupta

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10. Who is also known as the Napoleon of India?

A. Akbar

B. Shivaji

C. Shah Jahan

D. Samudragupta

Ans- D. Samudragupta

11. Name the famous mathematician of the Gupta age?

A. Aryabhatta

B. Brahmagupta

C. Bhaskaracharya

D. Varahmihira

Ans- A. Aryabhatta

12. At what is did King Harshavardhana Ascend The Throne? 

A. 18 years

B. 15 years

C. 17 years

D. 16 years

Ans- D. 16 years

13. Name the founder of the Pala dynasty? 

A. Dharam Pala

B. King Gopala

C. Madan Pala

D. Deva Pala

Ans-B. King Gopala

14. During the reign of which dynasty was the first gold coin introduced in India? 

A. Mughal dynasty

B. Gupta dynasty

C. Maurya dynasty

D. Pala dynasty

Ans- B. Gupta dynasty

15. Where was the first Sermon of Buddha delivered? 

A. Bodh Gaya

B. Vaishali

C. Sarnath

D. Madhubani

Ans- C. Sarnath

16. How many Indian languages share the Devanagari Script? 

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 8

Ans- A. 4

17. When was the second Battle of Tarain fought? 

A. 1196

B. 1192

C. 1197

D. 1199

Ans-B. 1192

18. Where in India did the Sultans of the slave dynasty set up their capital?

A. Vijayanagar

B. Hastinapur

C. Delhi

D. Raigarh

Ans- C. Delhi

19. Whom did Razia Sultana succeed? 

A. Her father Iltutmish

B. Her sister Shazia

C. Her brother Rukn-ud-din Firoz

D. none of these

Ans- A. Her father Iltutmish

20. Who can be said to be the first Afghan Sultan of Delhi?

A. Bahlol Lodi

B. Ibrahim Lodi

C. Sher Shah

D. Babar

Ans- A. Bahlol Lodhi

21. Which place near Agra is named after Sikandar Lodi? 

A. Fatehpur Sikri

B. Sikandarabad

C. Vrindavan

D. Sikandarapur

Ans- B. Sikandarabad

22. When did Amir timur invaded Delhi? 

A. 1398

B. 1498

C. 1399

D. 1499

Ans- A. 1398

23. When was the first battle of Panipat fought? 

A. 1525

B. 1526

C. 1556

D. 1581

Ans- B. 1526

24. The Congress Resolution was passed during the period of................. 

A. Lord Chelmsford

B. Lord Willingdon

C. Lord Irwin

D. Lord Linlithgow

Ans- C. Lord Irwin

25. Name the Rajput king who offered his daughter to Akbar in marriage. 

A. Raja Sanga

B. Maharana Pratap

C. Prithviraaz Chauhan

D. Raja Bihari Mal

Ans- D. Raja Bihari Mal

26. The Panchsheel Principles were jointly initiated in 1954 by India, China and................. 

A. Nepal

B. Myanmar

C. Pakistan

D. Bhutan

Ans- B. Myanmar

27. Which great scholar wrote Aien-e-Akbari? 

A. Babar

B. Kalidas

C. Abul Fazal

D. Sher Shah

Ans- C. Abul Fazal

28. What is the name of the autobiography written by Jahangir? 

A. Jahangiri Dastaan

B. Jahangir Nama

C. Jahangiri Baat

D. Tujk-e-Jahangiri

Ans- D. Tujk-e-Jahangiri 

29. Which was built by Emperor Shah Jahan? 

A. Shahjahanabad

B. Agra

C. Fatehpur Sikri

D. Brindavan

Ans-A. Shahjahanabad

30. When did Shah Jahan transfer his capital from Agra to Delhi? 

A. 1647

B. 1648

C. 1649

D. 1650

Ans- B. 1648

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