Impact of COVID-19 on Education in India

Impact of COVID-19 on Education sector in India 

Impact of COVID-19 on Education in India

Effect of Corona Virus in Indian Education System

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on education system in India and the whole world are affected very badly. 

The impact of COVID-19 is observed in every sector around the globe which has enforced world wide lock down creating very bad effect mainly on the students' life. 

In India around 32 crore learners already stopped to move Schools and Colleges from the beginning of lockdown. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has advised that change is inevitable. Therefore it has worked as a catalyst for all the educational institutions to grow and opt for optional platforms and techniques, which have not been used before in indian education system.

According to a UNESCO report, the pandemic adversely impact over 290 million students across the globe due to the closure of schools in the wake of the lockdown. 

Infact extended school closures will not only weaken the fundamentals of students, but it leads to loss of human capital as well as economic opportunities in the long-run.

According to the World Bank, the impact of COVID-19 profound in countries where education is grappling with low learning outcomes and a high dropout rate. 

Several educational institutions had no choice but to embrace e-learning to sustain the momentum.  

Effects of COVID 19 (CORONA) on Education in India --

Education Sector : Impact and Concern During COVID-19 period --

Over the past few years, e-learning has witnessed an uptick due to good Internet connectivity, the proliferation of smartphones and significant advances in technology. 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education system in India should be perceived as an opportunity in disguise for online education. But a country like India where online system still not much introduced in education sector have to face many challenges which need to be addressed to bring online education into the mainstream in India.

With the help of 24×7 power supply, creating digital skills of teachers as well as students, proper internet connectivity it is an urgent necessary to explore the digital learning high and low technological solutions etc. As well as provide support for digitalisation to teachers and students.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Education system in India --

The pandemic has already disrupted the upper education sector, which will be a critical determinant of a country’s economic future. 

An outsized number of Indian students—second only to China — enroll in universities abroad, especially in countries worst suffering from the pandemic, the US, UK, Australia and China. 

If things goes on like this, in the end of the day , a decline in the demand for international education is predicted . 

Negative Impacts of Covid-19 on Education in India -- the Impact of COVID-19 on Online Education in India-- 

1. Passive Learning by Students --

Infact the sudden shift to online learning with none planning -- especially in countries like India where the backbone for online learning wasn't ready and therefore the curriculum wasn't designed for such a format -- has created a chaos among the students and that they become passive learners which seems they loss their interest over the study for the low level of span. 

2. Unprepared Teachers for Online Education --

Online learning is especially a special quite methodology and not all the teachers are ok and prepared for this sudden transition from face to face learning to online learning.

Positive Changes in Education Due to Covid-19 --

Indian traditional knowledge system is very much relevant across the world for its scientific innovations, values, and benefits to develop sustainable technologies and medicines. 

The courses on Indian traditional knowledge systems in the fields of Yoga, Indian Medicines, Architecture, Hydraulics, Ethnobotany, Metallurgy and Agriculture should be integrated in the university education to serve the  humanity.

1. Improvement in Learning Material --

There is a superb opportunity for Universities and Colleges to start out improving the quality of the training material that's utilized within the teaching and learning process.

2. Rise in Collaborative Work --

The teaching community to an outsized extent has been very insulated and more in a country like India. There's a replacement opportunity where collaborative teaching and learning can combat new forms and should even be monetized.

For example -- the school and college teachers can deliver online courses to even students from competing institutions.

COVID-19 Impact on Education Sector in India: Adopt Digital Way --
The COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant impact on our lives have raised the need to adopt innovative ways of getting education services to the least levels. In the 21st century advanced technologies have the power to plan and support digital transformation which needs for the education industry.

a) Use of Video Broadcasting Tools --

Various schools and universities have developed the internet systems. It empowered a move towards video broadcasting tools, for instance , Skype, Google Hangout etc to deliver the classes to the students. 

 Choosing a video solution helps educators to arrange Live stream Classroom Sessions for college students.

b) Use of Real-Time Social Media Channels --

To address the remote learning challenges, now the institutions have developed real-time messaging and social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram and so on. It helps to form online learning opportunities to make sure education reaches every student’s doorstep.

c) Organizing Online Tests and Assessments --

The job of online learning solutions in organizing exams and assessments for students' performance plays a vital role. It minimizes human errors and biase.

Well this article has also included the impact of COVID 19 on school education in India. 

 This article highlights the measures which must be taken by Govt. of India to provide valuable education in the country. Both positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 are also discussed in the articld and a couple of fruitful suggestions are also pointed to carry out the educational activities during this pandemic situation.

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