Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Free Download in English for APSC Prelims & Mains

Download Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF in English for Competitive Exam | Static GK & Latest Current Affairs PDF Download

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC-APSC or any other Govt Exams? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important yearly Current Affairs 2023 for the upcoming competitive exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the latest GK and Current Affairs 2023 for the UPSC/APSC Prelims & Mains as well as other govt exams. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF in English also known as Manohar Pandey GK Book 2023 PDF for upcoming competitive exams like UPSC-APSC-SSC-Banking-Railways-PNRD-APDCL-JAA-Irrigation-DHS-Assam Police-Grade III & Grade IV exams. Infact the Arihant GK Book 2023 Current Affairs, GK & News 2023 pdf will be a key topic in the GK current affairs section for the upcoming exams. So the Arihant GK Book 2023 by Manohar Pandey PDF in English for Competitive Exam will be a pedestrian to crack your exam.

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Free Download in English for APSC Prelims & Mains

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Download

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF

Arihant GK Book 2023 pdf covers all the general topics which are Important for competitive exams as well as interviews. Hope "Current Affairs PDF e-Book for Competitive Exam" will help you to crack your exams.

Arihant GK Book 2023 pdf is the demand of every student who is preparing for competitive exams like UPSC-APSC-SSC-Banking-Railways-PNRD-JAA-Irrigation-DHS-Defence-Grade III & Grade IV exams-Interviews and other exams.

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Summary

The content provided by Arihant GK Book 2023 is very good and easily understandable and everything is very clearly mentioned. This book is a nice reservoir of knowledge for competitive exam aspirants in 2023.

This book should be read by every student from 9th std onwards it is very important and informative. You get to know details of various things from history geography physics chemistry medicine etc and reading this every year makes a person more knowledgeable and smart.

Contents of Arihant GK Book 2023 : Manohar Pandey GK Book 2023 PDF

Categories or Sections GK 2023 Book Covers:

Current Affairs, General Science, Indian History, Polity, Economics, Geography, India’s Administration & Achievements, Sports, Awards, Recent inventions & Discoveries, Static Awareness, etc.



Ancient India :

The Early Man, Indus Valley Civilisation, The Aryan and the Vedic Age, Pre-Mauryan Age, Magadha Empire, Jainism, Buddhism, The Mauryan Empire, Post-Mauryan Period, The Age of the Guptas, Gupta Administration, The Harsha Period, Sangam Age

Medieval India :

The Rajputs, The Delhi Sultanate, Vijayanagara Kingdom, Religious Movements, The Mughal Empire, The Maratha Age

Modern India :

Advent of the Europeans, Phases of Economic Policy, Revolt of 1857, Governor-Generals of Bengal, Growth of Modern Education in India, Social and Cultural Uprisings, The Indian National Movement, Important National Leaders, Art and Culture of India Religion, Literature, Music, Dance

World History

Important Wars of the 20th Century


World Geography

Universe, Solar System, The Moon, The Earth, Earthquakes, Volcanism, Rocks, Landforms, Atmosphere, Climate, Hydrosphere, Movements of Oceanic Water, Continents of the World

Indian Geography

Drainage System of India, The Climate of India, Forest and Natural Vegetation, Agriculture in India, Green Revolution, Mineral Resources (195), Energy, Transport, Major Tribes of India, States/UTs of India, Ecology and Environment Pollution, Biodiversity, Biosphere Reserves of India


Constitution of India, The Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties (FDs), Union Executive, President, Prime Minister, Union Council of Ministers, Members of Parliament, Supreme Court, States Executive, State Legislature, Panchayati Raj, Municipalities (Articles 243P-2432G), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Constitutional Amendments


Introduction of Economics, National Income of India, Methods of Measuring National Income, Strategies of Planning, Demography, Poverty, Unemployment, Rural Development Programmes, Agriculture, Industry, Insurance Sector, Indian Financial System, Union Budget, Finance Commission, International Economic Organisations



Units, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Satellite, General Properties of Matter, Density and Relative Density, Wave Motion, Sound Wave, Heat, Light, Electricity, Atomnic and Nuclear Physics, Radioactivity, Nanotechnology


Matter and Its States, Atomic Structure, Radioactivity, Acids, Bases and Salts, Electrochemistry, Battery, Carbon and Its Compounds, Energy Resources, Air, Water


The Cell, Biomolecules, Biological Evolution, Systems of Human Body, Diseases, Genetics, Biotechnology, Botany, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry


Types of Computer, Components of Computer, Networking, Internet, Abbreviations


First in World (Male), Superlatives World, Countries with Capitals and Currencies, Geographical Epithets, Major Newspapers of the World, First in India (Male), UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Famous Tourist Spots of India, important Dates and Days of the Year, Abbreviations, Books and their Authors, United Nations, Sports, Other Sports, Principle Languages of India, National Insignia of India, Indian Defence, Defence Research in India, India’s Atomic Research, Space Programme of India, Awards and Honours, National Awards

It is the mini-library of all Current events and static events where you will be getting everything you want for general competition. Even though the book is small but it is hard to finish reading this book. It also covers International affairs and current events.

Arihant GK Book 2023 PDF Details

Book Name:General Knowledge 2023
Author:Manohar Pandey
Genre:Exam Preparation
Pages:591 Pages
Publisher:Arihant Publications
Release Date: 1 January 2023

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Free Yearly Current Affairs PDF for UPSC, APSC, Banking, SSC, & All Upcoming Competitive Exams 

The Yearly Free Current Affairs PDF for UPSC, APSC, Banking, SSC, & All Upcoming Competitive Exams is an important General Knowledge topic for APSC Prelims & Mains exam. The question from this topic can be asked in the General Awareness section. Candidates preparing for any Government exam such as UPSC, State PCS, Railway, Banking, and SSC must learn the Monthly Current Affairs given in this article.


Current affairs preparation is one of the most important parts of UPSC civil service preparation. In this regard, Reading current affairs daily is an indispensable part of your preparation. Keeping yourself up to date with current affairs is required for all three stages of preparation; Prelims, Mains and Interview. There are a plethora of sources available that provide current affairs materials for UPSC-CSE aspirants. But you need not read all the magazines in the market.

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