Assam Economy GK MCQs for Assam Competitive Exams | Assam State GK on Economy of Assam for APSC

Assam GK - MCQ on Economy of Assam for Grade III and Grade IV set 2

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Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC or Assam Direct Recruitment Exams? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Assam State Economy GK Questions and Answers for Assam Direct Recruitment exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Assam State GK for Assam competitive exams. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Assam Economy GK MCQs for the upcoming exams like APSC, Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV exam, DHS, Assam Police, Irrigation, PNRD, JAA exams. Infact the MCQ on Assam State GK on Economy of Assam questions and answers (Assam GK MCQ) for ADRE will be a key topic in the Assam GK section for the upcoming Assam competitive exams. 

Assam Economy GK MCQs for Assam Competitive Exams | Assam State GK on Economy of Assam for APSC

Assam State GK on Economy of Assam

Economy of Assam Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for APSC

In this article we have provided you Assam GK multiple choice questions & answers on Economy of Assam for Assam Public Service Commission. So, read all these important Assam economy GK for APSC Prelims as well as for Assam Direct Recruitment exams. These Economy of Assam Multiple Choice Questions and Answers are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation.

Economy of Assam Objective Type Questions and Answers

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the best general knowledge questions and answers of Assam. Specially the toppers of Assam competitive exams recommend that candidates start their preparation with the best general knowledge mcq on Assam economy for upcoming Assam competitive exams.

Assam Economy GK MCQs for Grade III & Grade IV Exam

Well this most important article of Assam economy GK mcqs is mainly focussing on the most repeated questions for APSC, Assam Police & Assam grade 3 and grade 4 exam. So this Assam economy GK already came many times in previous years APSC, Assam Police & Assam Grade 3 and Grade 4 exams. 

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Assam Economy GK MCQs for Assam Competitive Exams

Here are the most important Assam State GK Questions and Answers on Assamese Economy for Assam Direct Recruitment Exam. Check this Assam Economy GK MCQ in order to answer the questions : 

26. Who is the chairman of Assam?

A. Himanta Biswa Sarma

B. Sarbananda Sonowal

C. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik

D. Jagdish Mukhi

Answer: Jagdish Mukhi

27 Which major PSU Navaratna company has its operational headquarters in Assam?

A. Oil India Limited

B. Power grid


D. all Of the above

Answer: Oil India Limited

28. Who presented the first Assam Budget in 1948, in independent India?

A. Bishnu Ram Medhi

B. R K Shanmugham Chetty

C. Gopinath Bordoloi

D. Muhammad Saadulla

Answer: Bishnu Ram Medhi

29. When was the North Eastern Council (NEC) constituted as the nodal agency for the economic and social development of the North Eastern Region, under the NEC Act 1971?

A. 1971

B. 1972

C. 1973

D. 1974

Answer: 1971

30. Which of the following product from Assam has recently got Geographical Indication (GI)?

A. Muga Silk

B. Boka saul or ‘mud rice’

C. Gamosa

D. Both b and c

Answer: Both b and c

31. Rank of Unemployment Rate of Assam in India is

A. 10

B. 18

C. 23

D. 26

Answer: 18

32. India produced 158 tonnes of Muga silk, out of which…….. was produced in Assam.

A. 51 tonnes

B. 100 tonnes

C. 136 tonnes

D. 156 tonnes

Answer: 136 tonnes

33. Which is the largest oil refinery in Assam?

A. Lakwa

B. Moran

C. Digboi

D. Nahorkatiya

Answer: Digboi

34. Which of the following refineries are known as Assam accord refineries?

A. Lakwa

B. Lakwa

C. Tengakhat

D. Numaligarh

Answer: Numaligarh

35. The world’s first institute for research on tea is established in

A. Jorhat

B. Tinsukia

C. Tezpur

D. Namrup

Answer: Jorhat

36. The production of tea of Assam is………of the tea in the world.

A. about 1/3th

B. about 1/6th

C. about 1/20th

D. about 1/23th

Answer: about 1/6th

37. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to other is inferred from

A. zeroth low of thermodynamic

B. first law of thermodynamics

C. second law to thermodynamics

D. basic law of thermodynamics

Answer: first law of thermodynamics

38. What is the GSDP of Assam for 2020-21?

A. Rs 4,08,627 crore

B. Rs 4,08,627 crore

C. Rs 4,08,627 crore

D. Rs 4,08,627 crore

Answer: Rs 3,74,096 crore

39. According to Assam Budget 2020-21 what is the amount of rice which has been announced under the Affordable Nutrition and Nourishment Assistance Yojana in Assam?

A. Rs 1 per

B. Rs 2 per

C. Rs 3 per

D. Rs 32 per

Answer: Rs 2 per

40. What is the oldest National park of Assam?

A. Kaziranga National Park

B. Manas National Park

C. Manas National Park

D. Orang National Park

Answer: Kaziranga National Park

40. ……........... is known as the Oil City of Assam where the first oil well in Asia was drilled.

A. Lakwa

B. Digboi

C. Tengakhat

D. Lakwa

Answer: Digboi

41. Which of the following goods that Assam export in the largest amount?

A. Tea

B. Coal

C. Ginger

D. Boulderstone

Answer: Tea

42. The estimated annual average production of tea in Assam is

A. 120- 300 million kg

B. 330- 500 million kg

C. 530- 600 million kg

D. 630- 700 million kg

Answer: 630- 700 million kg

43. The oldest sugar mills of Assam are located in which place?

A. Baruabamun Gaon

B. Baruahnagar

C. Rangapara

D. Namrup

Answer: Baruabamun Gaon

44. World’s biggest dry fish market is located in

A. Jagiroad

B. Nambor

C. Guwahati

D. Nagaon

Answer: Jagiroad

45. Which of the following place is known as Manchester of Assam?

A. Sivasagar

B. Majuli

C. Guwahati

D. Sualkuchi

Answer: Sualkuchi

46. Sarthebari is famous for _____

A. Bell-Metal

B. One horn Rhino

C. Tea garden

D. Papermill

Answer: Bell-Metal

47. When does the East India Company establish the first tea garden in Assam?

A. 1837

B. 1839

C. 1840

D. 1842

Answer: 1837

48. Which is the largest coal mine in Assam?

A. Dilli-Jaipore coalfields

B. Makum coalfields

C. Namdang coal fields

D. None of these

Answer: Makum coalfields

49. ……. families will be provided with rice free of cost along with 2 kg of sugar per month as stated by the new Budget.

A. Tea garden


C. Both of these

D. None of these

Answer: Tea garden

50. What should be the amount of family annual income to be eligible for the Capital subsidies loan of Assam Govt?

A. Rs 0.3 lakh

B. Rs 0.5 lakh

C. Rs 5 lakh

D. Rs 20 lakh

Answer: Rs 20 lakh

Assam Economy MCQ Set 1

Assam State GK Questions and Answers (Assam GK Quiz)

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