List of Dams and Reservoirs in India for APSC | Indian Geography for ADRE

List of Important Major Dams and Reservoirs in India with River and State for Assam Competitive Exams

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Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC, APSC or Assam Direct Recruitment Exams? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Indian Geography GK Questions and Answers for Assam Direct Recruitment exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Indian Geography GK for Assam competitive exams. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Indian Geography the list of Dams and Reservoirs in India with River and states for the upcoming exams like UPSC, SSC, IBPS, APSC, Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV exam, DHS, Assam Police, Irrigation, PNRD, JAA exams. Infact the list of Dams and Reservoirs in India questions and answers (Indian geography GK MCQ) for ADRE will be a key topic in the Indian geography section for the upcoming Assam competitive exams. 

List of Dams and Reservoirs in India for APSC | Indian Geography for ADRE

Indian Geography for ADRE

Dams and Reservoirs in India for APSC

In this article we have provided you list of Dams and Reservoirs in India for Assam Public Service Commission. So, learn about the Major Dams and Reservoirs in India with River and states for APSC Prelims as well as for Assam Direct Recruitment exams. These Dams and Reservoirs are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation.

List of Important Major Dams and Reservoirs in India with River and State

Well this most important article of Major Dams and Reservoirs in India with River and State is mainly focussing on the most repeated questions for UPS, APSC, Assam Police & Assam grade 3 and grade 4 exam. So this Indian Geography General Knowledge already came many times in previous years competitive exams. 

What is a Dam?

A dam is a barrier that stops the flow of water and results in the creation of a reservoir. Dams are mainly built in order to produce electricity by using water. This form of electricity is known as hydroelectricity.

Reservoirs created by dams not only suppress floods but also provide water for activities such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability.

The earliest known dam is the Jawa Dam in Jordan, dating to 3,000 BC.

Dams in India

Dams in India are estimated to be around 5,334, out of which, approximately 447 large dams are still under construction. Dams are important because they are created across a river or stream to hold water back. They are barriers that can be utilized to hold water, manage floods, and produce electricity. Reservoirs formed by dams stop floods and provide water for industrial use, raising aqua plants and animals, irrigation, human use, and navigability.

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List of Dams and Reservoirs in India for Assam Competitive Exams

India is home to several dams and reservoirs that are important sources of water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and other purposes. These water resources have helped transform the country’s agriculture and power sectors, contributing significantly to its economic growth. 

Here are all the list of important dams and Reservoirs in India ::

List of Dams and Reservoirs in India

Dams In India

Name of DamStateRiver
Nizam Sagar DamTelanganaManjira River
Somasila DamAndhra PradeshPennar River
Srisailam DamAndhra PradeshKrishna River
Singur damTelanganaManjira River
Ukai DamGujaratTapti River
Dharoi DamGujaratSabarmati River
Kadana damGujaratMahi River
Dantiwada DamGujaratBanas River
Pandoh DamHimachal PradeshBeas River
Bhakra Nangal DamHimachal Pradesh and Punjab BorderSutlej River
Nathpa Jhakri DamHimachal PradeshSatluj River
Chamera Dam Himachal PradeshRavi River
Baglihar DamJammu and KashmirChenab River
Dumkhar Hydroelectric DamJammu and KashmirIndus River
Uri Hydroelectric DamJammu and KashmirJhelum River
Maithon DamJharkhandBarakar River
Chandil DamJharkhandSwarnarekha River
Panchet DamJharkhandDamodar River
Tunga Bhadra DamKarnatakaTungabhadra River
Linganamakki damKarnatakaSharavathi River
Kadra DamKarnatakaKalinadi River
Alamatti DamKarnatakaKrishna River
Supa DamKarnatakaKalinadi or Kali river
Krishna Raja Sagara DamKarnatakaKaveri River
Harangi DamKarnatakaHarangi River
Narayanpur DamKarnatakaKrishna River
Kodasalli Dam KarnatakaKali River
Malampuzha DamKeralaMalampuzha River
Peechi DamKeralaManali River
Idukki DamKeralaPeriyar River
Kundala DamKeralaKundala Lake
Parambikulam DamKeralaParambikulam River
Walayar DamKeralaWalayar River
Mullaperiyar DamKeralaPeriyar River
Neyyar DamKeralaNeyyar River
Rajghat DamUttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh BorderBetwa River
Barna DamMadhya PradeshBarna River
Bargi DamMadhya PradeshNarmada River
Bansagar DamMadhya PradeshSone River
Gandhi Sagar DamMadhya PradeshChambal River
Yeldari DamMaharashtraPurna river
Ujani DamMaharashtra Bhima River
Pawna DamMaharashtraMaval River
Mulshi DamMaharashtraMula River
Koyna DamMaharashtraKoyna River
Jayakwadi DamMaharashtraGodavari River
Bhatsa DamMaharashtraBhatsa river
Wilson DamMaharashtraPravara River
Tansa DamMaharashtraTansa river
Panshet DamMaharashtraAmbi River
Mula DamMaharashtraMula river
Kolkewadi DamMaharashtraVashishti River
Girna DamMaharashtraGirana river
Vaitarna DamMaharashtraVaitarna river
Radhanagari DamTelanganaBhogawati River
Lower Manair DamTelanganaManair River
Mid Manair DamTelangana Manair River and SRSP Flood Flow Canal
Upper Manair DamTelanganaManair River and Kudlair River
Khadakwasla DamMaharashtraMutha River
Gangapur DamMaharashtraGodavari river
Jalaput DamAndhra Pradesh and Odisha BorderMachkund River
Indravati DamOdishaIndravati River
Hirakud DamOdishaMahanadi River
Vaigai DamTamil NaduVaigai River
Perunchani DamTamil NaduParalayar River
Mettur DamTamil NaduKaveri River
Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam also Rihand damUttar PradeshRihand River
Tehri DamUttarakhandBhagirathi River
Dhauli Ganga DamUttarakhandDhauli Ganga River

List of Dams and Reservoirs in India

Reservoir in India

Dindi ReservoirTelangana Krishna River
Lower Manair ReservoirTelanganaManair River
Tatipudi Reservoir ProjectAndhra PradeshGosthani River
Gandipalem ReservoirAndhra PradeshManneru River
Himayat Sagar ReservoirTelanganaOsman Sagar
Shriram Sagar ReservoirTelanganaGodavari River
Gobind Sagar ReservoirHimachal PradeshSutlej River
Maharana Pratap Sagar ReservoirHimachal PradeshPong Dam Lake
Ghataprabha ReservoirKarnatakaGhataprabha River
Hemavathi ReservoirKarnatakaHemavati River
Tawa ReservoirMadhya PradeshTawa River
Balimela ReservoirOdishaSileru River
Aliyar ReservoirTamil NaduAliyar River
Chittar ReservoirTamil NaduChittar River
Krishnagiri ReservoirTamil NaduThenpennai River
Manimuthar ReservoirTamil Nadu Tamirabarani River
Pechiparai ReservoirTamil NaduKodayar River
Shoolagiri Chinnar ReservoirTamil NaduChinnar River
Thunakadavu ReservoirTamil NaduThunacadavu River
Varattu Pallam ReservoirTamil Nadu
Vidur ReservoirTamil Nadu
Amaravathi ReservoirTamil NaduAmaravathi River
Gundar ReservoirTamil NaduBerijam Lake
Kullursandai ReservoirTamil NaduArjuna Nadi
Pambar ReservoirTamil NaduPambar River
Periyar ReservoirTamil NaduPeriyar River
Stanley ReservoirTamil NaduKaveri River
Uppar ReservoirTamil Nadu
Vattamalaikarai Odai ReservoirTamil NaduOdai River
Willingdon ReservoirTamil NaduPeriya Odai River
Bhavanisagar ReservoirTamil NaduBhavani River
Kodaganar ReservoirTamil NaduKodagananar River
Manimukthanadhi ReservoirTamil Nadu
Parambikulam ReservoirTamil NaduParambikulam River
Sholayar ReservoirTamil Nadu
Thirumurthi ReservoirTamil NaduParmabikulam and Aliyar River
Varadamanadhi ReservoirTamil Nadu
Vembakottai ReservoirTamil NaduVaippar River
Manjalar ReservoirTamil Nadu
Salal ProjectJammu and KashmirChenab River
Chutak Hydroelectric ProjectJammu and Kashmir
Indirasagar ProjectMadhya PradeshNarmada River
Narmada Dam ProjectMadhya PradeshNarmada River
Rihand ProjectUttar PradeshRihand River and Son River

Longest Dam in India

Hirakud Dam is the longest dam in India. The Hirakud Dam is built on the Mahanadi river in Sambalpur district in Odisha state. The total length of the Hirakud Dam is 25.79 km and the length of the main dam is 4.8 km. Hirakud Dam was completed in 1953.

Highest Dam in India

With a height of 260.5 m, Tehri Dam is the highest or tallest dam in India and the 12th tallest dam in the world. The Tehri Dam is built on the Bhagirathi River in New Tehri, Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand state, India. The height of the Tehri dam is 260 meters and the length is 575 meters. The first phase of the Tehri Dam was completed in 2006. It comes under THDC India Ltd. and the Tehri hydroelectric complex.

Oldest Dam in India

Kallanai Dam on the Kaveri river is the oldest dam in India. It is located in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu state. Kallanai Dam was completed in 100 BC –100 AD and now it is operated by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

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