Elaborate Big Fat Indian Wedding for APSC - APSC Mains Solved Question Papers 2022

APSC Mains Solved Question Papers with Answers | APSC Mains Exam 2022

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC? If yes, then you must be aware of the APSC Mains Solved Question Paper. Therefore every aspirants of APSC Civil Services Exam need to prepare the APSC Mains previous year solved question papers after clearing the Prelims exam. So that "World_Polity" decides to provide you the complete APSC Mains question paper with answer of 2022 for upcoming APSC Mains exam preparation. APSC Mains paper solutions have been meticulously prepared after thorough research, with strict adherence to the Word Limit suggested by APSC for each question. The APSC Mains paper solution is also very helpful & useful for all other State PSC Exams. So APSC Mains Solved Question Papers 2022 will be a pedestrian to crack your future Assam Civil Services exam.

Elaborate Big Fat Indian Wedding for APSC - APSC Mains Solved Question Papers 2022

 APSC Mains Paper Solution

APSC Mains Solved Question Papers with Answers

In this article we have provided you Elaborate Big Fat Indian Wedding APSC Mains Question with Solutions for preparation. So, read this APSC Mains Solved Question Papers with Answers 2022. To give you the best we are here with our special article regarding Solved Mains question paper of Assam Public Service Commission Exam 2022.

APSC Previous Year Solved Question Paper

In order to succeed in the prestigious APSC Civil Services examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the latest updated syllabus and uses' the best study material to prepare for the APSC examination. Specially the toppers recommend that aspirant start their APSC preparation by preparing APSC previous year solved question papers.

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APSC Mains Solved Question Papers 2022

Well here is the APSC Mains Solved Question Paper of 2022. Check this APSC previous year solved question Elaborate Big Fat Indian Wedding to prepare for future APSC Mains Exam. 

• Elaborate Big Fat Indian Wedding APSC Mains 2022

The term "Big Fat Indian Wedding" is often used to describe lavish and extravagant weddings that are culturally significant in India. These weddings are known for their grandeur, elaborate rituals, opulent decorations, and large guest lists. Mainly intricately designed stages in large, palatial gardens, rituals by a breezy seashore, hosting hundreds, even thousands, of guests in international locations is the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Here is an elaboration on the various aspects that make up a Big Fat Indian Wedding :

1. Elaborate Pre-wedding Rituals : 

Indian weddings are typically preceded by a series of pre-wedding ceremonies that vary based on regional customs and traditions. These rituals can include engagement ceremonies, Mehendi (henna) ceremonies, Sangeet (musical night), Haldi (turmeric application), and more. These events are often grand affairs with vibrant decorations, music, dance performances, and elaborate feasts.

2. Lavish Venues and Decorations : 

Big Fat Indian Weddings are often held at luxurious venues such as palaces, five-star hotels, banquet halls, or sprawling outdoor locations. The venues are lavishly decorated with intricate floral arrangements, stunning lighting, and themed decor that aligns with the couple's preferences and the overall wedding theme.

3. Extravagant Attire : 

The bride and groom, as well as their families and guests, dress in exquisite and elaborate traditional outfits. The bride typically wears a stunning bridal saree or lehenga, adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, and jewelry. The groom is dressed in traditional attire such as a sherwani or a dhoti with an elaborate turban.

4. Guest List and Hospitality : 

Big Fat Indian Weddings are known for their extensive guest lists, often including hundreds or even thousands of invitees. The families hosting the wedding take pride in offering warm hospitality to their guests, ensuring their comfort and providing elaborate meals and refreshments throughout the wedding festivities.

5. Sumptuous Food : 

Food is a significant aspect of Indian weddings, and Big Fat Indian Weddings are no exception. Multiple-course meals, featuring a wide variety of traditional Indian delicacies, are served to guests. Elaborate buffets or sit-down dinners often showcase regional specialties and a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

6. Musical and Cultural Performances : 

Indian weddings are known for their lively and vibrant music and dance performances. Professional musicians and dancers are often hired to entertain the guests during the Sangeet and reception ceremonies. Traditional music, such as classical, folk, and Bollywood songs, are performed, and guests are encouraged to participate in the dance celebrations.

7. Lengthy Celebrations : 

Big Fat Indian Weddings are multi-day affairs, sometimes spanning a week or more. The festivities include various ceremonies, rituals, parties, and cultural events. This allows families and friends to come together, socialize, and celebrate the union of the couple.

8. Expensive Wedding Gifts and Favors : 

Guests attending Big Fat Indian Weddings often bring extravagant gifts for the couple, such as jewelry, luxury items, or significant cash contributions. The couple, in return, may provide wedding favors or gift bags to guests as a token of appreciation for their presence.

Big Fat Indian Weddings are not only celebrations of love and union but also reflect the rich cultural traditions, social connections, and the importance of family in Indian society. They are memorable and extravagant affairs that showcase the grandeur, hospitality, and diversity of Indian wedding celebrations.

Well weddings were supposed to be beautiful moments that symbolized the beginning of a journey that brought together two souls. Today, it is a 100,000-crore industry, which is growing at 25 to 30% annually. There is no judgment over anyone’s view of their dream wedding, when things go out of hand, perhaps it is time to re-look at the mockery that weddings have become. The whole argument is not against the celebration. Clearly, this ostentatious and vulgar display of wealth is causing more harm than good at a broader level.

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