How to crack APSC-Strategy To Prepare For APSC Examination

How to Prepare for APSC Exam?

How to Crack APSC
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Hello everyone, in this most awaited article, we are specially covering the strategies, the methods which will mainly help the aspirants to know how to crack APSC. Infact the strategies which we are going to inform you will not only help the full-time aspirants but also the working professionals. 

Most of the time some of the readers always eagerly want to know How to crack APSC? or How to prepare for APSC Exam? Although, it is a very important question for the aspirants who are ready to apply for the upcoming Assam Public Service Commission Exam. Because without proper guidance or APSC Exam Preparation method you can not Crack this Exam. 

Therefore we suggest you to read this post till the end if you want to know How to crack APSC? or How to Prepare for APSC Exam? Basically preparing for APSC will become easy if an aspirant know the whole process of selection. This is the foremost reason that we have discussed the whole thing in detail in this much awaited article of How to crack APSC? 

APSC(Assam Public Service Examination) which is a constitutional state commission who mainly conducts Assam State Civil Service Examination for the recruitment of state civil servants. Like UPSC, APSC also follows the same pattern of examination syllabus namely Prelims, Mains followed by a Personality Test.

But before discussing the methods to crack APSC exam, an aspirant should know the selection process of APSC. The Combined Competitive Examination of Assam Public Service Commissions consists of 03 (Three) main parts.

• The Preliminary Examination: Written-test of 400 marks
• The Main Examination: Written Test of 1400 marks and
• Interview Test: Personality test of 200 marks. 

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All the aspirants be clear of the APSC exam pattern. Before getting into the course details or syllabus, you need to get acquainted with the exam pattern. You should make a plan, a strategy and a specific approach for all the three stages of the examination. Specially for a first-timer, it is highly recommended to prepare for APSC examination at least 9 to 10 months before the APSC CCE(Prelim) Examination. Note, the timeline may vary from individual to individual depending upon learning and understanding capacity of the individual.

Choose only that optional subject which attracts you. While preparing for the examination, it is important to choose an optional depending upon the area of interests. You need to fall in love with that subject so that you can read it again and again without losing interest. This will help you not only in your prelims but also in your APSC mains preparation.

Strategy To Prepare For APSC Examination :

1. Prelims Preparation :
To start your APSC prelims preparation an aspirant can start with some standard books like Indian Polity by M. Lakshmikanth along with the NCERT books from class 6 to class 12. The NCERT books can help you to build the foundation of the static portion with which you can complement your preparation by reading other relevant books like History by RS Sharma and DR Khullar for Geography.

2. Revision is the Key :
No matter how much an aspirant consume through reading various kinds of good books, the foremost key of a successful preparation is always be a good revision. Revising the topics weekly helps to retain the same for future. That is why to make the preparation more stronger and successful an aspirant need to revise the notes quickly and thoroughly. 

3. Start Early:
Preparation for civil service examinations should be started early as soon as possible. Start at least one year before of the publication of new notification. If you are really serious about becoming a civil servant, start your preparation today. First of all go through at least last five years question paper and analyse the areas from where most questions are being asked. Try to find out the weightage of questions. After that prepare for the static portion i.e. Geography, History, Polity and Economics. Then for state specific GK which an aspirant can check online too. The main task of an aspirant is read them and make notes. 

4. Smart Study :
Try to clear the basic concepts of each topic. With a clear concept you can easily answer any questions. Refer only some selected good books. Don’t read too many books on same subject or topic, it will be confusing. Study your books and study materials thoroughly. Never tried to force yourself to study. It should be voluntary. Read the newspaper regularly. Infact newspaper is the best source of any kind of information. It will also help you in improving your English. As well as refer magazines and Internet resources. Don’t use Internet mainly to find new topics only. Instead of it use it to clear your doubts and learn the basic concepts of the topics which you are studying. 

5. Physical Preparation :
Physical fitness directly affects the performance of our brain. Your body is used to certain patterns and schedules. Maintain regular sleep schedule. Get normal amount of sleep everyday. Avoid whole night sessions. Maintain your normal eating schedule and eating habit. Continue your regular exercise schedule.

6. Mock Tests :
You know what always try to pay attention to your self-preparation. Specially mock tests or test series are very much helpful in preparation for civil services exams. Get some good mock test and try them yourself, seriously. Now a days mock test are available in many sources. 

7. Time Management :
Preparing for Civil Service Examination would always need a lot of efficient time planning and management. Therefore distribute time for all the papers. Always allot extra time for the weaker subjects. Prepare a daily time table and follow it. Prepare yourself for the real exam by taking tests. Start with old papers, then mock tests. 

8. Updated Study Materials :
Infact to prepare for much awaited APSC examination, an aspirant needs to follow a smart strategy followed by the updated study materials as well as in this regard Current Affairs always plays a vital role while preparing for such kind of an examination.

Conclusion : 

Well these are the some smart strategies by following which an aspirant can prepare himself/herself for APSC exam. Every APSC aspirants can apply these strategies to their daily study routine and reap the benefits for the same.

Therfore start your APSC Exam Preparation now. Without worrying about how to crack APSC, how to prepare for APSC, collect all the important study materials, previous year question papers and start your study according to the syllabus only. Thank You. All the Very Best. 

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