Scope and Importance of Political Science


=> Political science is that branch of  discipline which studies the state, politics, and government. It is a component of social science that treats the foundations of state and the principles of government.

The political science always deals with the analysis of political systems, theoretical and also the sensible applications to the politics and thus the examination of political behavior only.

      The term politics is associated with the word "Politics", the word "politics" derived from the Greek word "POLIS" which mean "City State", the overall variety of political orgenisation in ancient Greece. The word politics now a days named as Political Science because it is a systematic study of the state."Political Science" was first used by the French writer Jean Bodin in the 16th century. Political science is infact a that social science which systematically deals with the various problems of the state and government. 

          Ancient Greek City State                

         Political science is called as a discipline that deals with the systems of government and the analysis of political activity as well as political behaviour. According to many scholars political science is a science because of the scientific methods are adopted in the study of political science. The father of Political Science Aristotle called it as the greatest science. 

In a modern era political science is an essential aspect of our day today social life. Now every human being got effected by politics which no one can ignored. Because no one can live without a state and a government. 

Definitions of Political Science --

Paul Janet in his view regarding the subject says that Political Science is the component of social science which treats the foundations of the State, deals with the theory and the principles of government.

Gettell held that it is a study of the past, present and future, political organisations and political theories.

According to Leacock, "Political Science deals with Government."

According to the all definitions of state we clearly understood that the foremost subject of the study of scientific discipline is that the State and Government. 

Features of Political Science --

1) Political science is infact the study of state and government. It always deals with the ideas and practices of politics which is basically a distribution of power.

2) The concept of politics is incredibly flexible or it's changing its nature today. 

3) It is the manifestation of civilised society, if in society there arise any kind of conflict then it can be the proceedure of solution. 

4) Political Science involve a pattern of relationship those who command on the one hand and those who obey on the other. 


The scope of politics is very vast that is why the experts have divided the world of politics into five major sub-disciplines which are--

1. Ideology,

2. Public Administration,

3. Comparative Politics,

4. Diplomacy and

5. Law.

    It must be noted that these sub-disciplines cover the complete scope of the modern political behaviour and supply the concept for the study and understanding of how the worldwide politics works.

The study of the subject matters concerning the allocation and distribution also because of the transfer of power is one of the foremost pre-occupations of political scientists.

The success of the governmental structures now a days constituted by the political scientists which mainly examine the most vital factors which contributes to a good or bad governance.

The scope of the political scientists has now been broadened day by day to incorporate the realm of the study of the democratic elections around the world to achieve the native goal of political science.

Infact from the beginning of 20th century there is a revolutionary change in the scope of Political Science. So today, the nature of political science has also changed. Any aspect of social life directly or indirectly connected with the institutions of the state is regarded as the proper sphere of inquiry of political science. It is now universal in character. Just because of its nature political science now a days considered to be an art. It has the characterstics of an art.

In recent years the the scope of political science widely increasing. More and more people are taking part in the political affairs of their respective states because of the emergence of democracy and nationalism. For example, in India people are becoming more and more concerned with the conduct of their political leaders. 

In other words, with the explosion in the political systems of the society, the changing nature of the power structure, the theories, political scientists, and their scope of study has been considerably enhanced.


Political science is critical because politics is about society and people. It doesn’t just concerned only the government or the political group who is ruling a specific state or a country but every citizen and each man of the society comes under in it.

It is mainly because politics impacts our lives, both directly as well as indirectly, whether we were conscious of it or not that does not matter.

To ignore politics, and not get entangled in politics would appear rather silly considering that your life is dictated by it.

Therefore, political science deffinately a major broad field which consists of several major subfields, they are --

• Comparative Politics

• International Relations

• Political Economy

• Political Behaviour

The new generation of political scientists suggests that a study of political science should also include a study of informal organisation, or non-state institutions and power oriented behaviour if individuals which supplement the formal structure of government and the political forces that influence it. Therefore now political science includes not only state and government but also an inquiry into the struggle for power that takes place at all levels beginning from the house-hold to the world at large.  

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