APSC Prelims Solved Question Paper with Answer 2001 | APSC CCE Answer Key 2001

APSC Previous Years Solved Questions with Answers | APSC Prelim Exam - Previous Years Question Paper with Answer

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for APSC Prelims 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the APSC Prelims Solved Question Paper. Therefore every aspirants of APSC Civil Services Exam need to prepare the APSC prelims previous year solved question papers. So that "World_Polity" decides to provide you the complete APSC prelims solved question paper with answer of 2001 for upcoming APSC Prelims exam preparation. Infact APSC CCE Answer Key 2001 will be very important for the upcoming APSC Prelims exam. So APSC Prelims Solved Question Paper with Answer 2001 will be a pedestrian to crack your future exam. Answer

APSC Prelims Solved Question Paper with Answer 2001 | APSC CCE Answer Key 2001

 APSC CCE Answer Key 2001

APSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

In this article we have given you the APSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions for preparation. So, read this APSC CCE Previous Year Solved Questions with Answers 2001. To give you the best we are here with our special article regarding Solved GS question paper of Assam Public Service Commission’s Combined Competitive (Pre) Exam.

APSC Previous Year Solved Question Paper

In order to succeed in the prestigious APSC Civil Services examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the latest updated syllabus and uses' the best study material to prepare for the APSC examination. Specially the toppers recommend that aspirant start their APSC preparation by preparing APSC prelims previous year solved question papers.

Assam Public Service Commission

The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) was created in the year 1951 under a Regulation namely The Assam Public Service Commission Regulations and Limitation of functions, 1951, notified vide No GGN.57/50/66 dt. 11th Aug., 1951. It was indeed one amongst the earliest Public Service Commissions. Like all other State Public Commissions, APSC also considers the holding of Combined Competitive  Examination  as its prime function. 

The Combined Competitive Examination is conducted as per Assam Public Services  Combined Competitive Examination Rules-1989. This set of Rules provides  the details about the subjects, marks, duration of examination and syllabus for the Preliminary and Main Examinations. 

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APSC Previous Year Solved Questions 2001 with Answers

Well here are the APSC Previous Year Solved Questions 2001 with Answers. Check this APSC CCE Answer Key 2001 to prepare for future APSC Prelim Exam. 

1. Functions of the Public Service Commission are dealt with in Article

(a) 317 of the Constitution

(b) 318 of the Constitution

(c) 319 of the Constitution

(d) 320 of the Constitution

ANS: (d) 320 of the Constitution

2. The first general election in Independent India was held in

(a) 1951

(b) 1952

(c) 1953

(d) 1954

ANS: (b) 1952

3. The inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India was presided over by

(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(b) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(c) Dr. Sachidananda Singha

(d) B.N. Rao

ANS: (c) Dr. Sachidananda Singha

4. The first amendment to the Constitution of India was made in

(a) 1951

(b) 1954

(c) 1957

(d) 1960

ANS:(a) 1951

5. Who first expressed the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

(a) Shaheed Bhagat Singh

(b) Udham Singh

(c) Zail Singh

(d) Karan Singh

ANS: (a) Shaheed Bhagat Singh

6. Sarojini Naidu was the first Indian woman President of

(a) Indian Theosophical Society

(b) Simon Commission

(c) Cabinet National Congress

(d) Indian National Congress

ANS: (d) Indian National Congress

7. The ‘Quit India’ resolution was passed by the Congress in Bombay in

(a) 1942

(b) 1943

(c) 1944

(d) 1945

ANS: (a) 1942

8. Who was not the Chief Minister of Assam in Independent India?

(a) Gopinath Bordoloi

(b) Sir Muhammad Saadulla

(c) Bishnu Ram Medhi

(d) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

ANS: (b) Sir Muhammad Saadulla

9. Who was Sir Akbar Hydari?

(a) Chief Justice of the High Court?

(b) Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly

(c) Governor of Assam

(d) Chairman of Assam Public Service Commission.

ANS:  (c) Governor of Assam

10. The Cabinet was for the first time accorded legal recognition in Britain in.

(a) 1914

(b) 1689

(c) 1937

(d) 1884

ANS: (b) 1689

11. Any dispute relating to the validity of the elections of the Vice-President of the Gaon Panchayat under the Assam Panchayat Act, 1994 shall be decided by

(a) BDO

(b) Deputy Commissioner

(c) President of the Gaon Panchayat

(d) Members of the Gaon Panchayat

ANS: (d) Members of the Gaon Panchayat

12. The Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India provides for

(a) Panchayati Raj Institutions

(b) District Councils

(c) Bodo Autonomous Council

(d) North-Eastern Council.

ANS: (c) Bodo Autonomous Council

13. Which one of the following is not included as the Fundamental Duty of the Indian citizen?

(a) To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions.

(b) To uphold and protect the sovereignty and integrity of India.

(c) To develop romper temper.

(d) To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so

ANS: (c) To develop romper temper.

14. Who among the following was not a member of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?

(a) B.R. Ambedkar

(b) K. M. Munshi

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru

(d) Mohd. Saadulla

ANS: (c) Jawaharlal Nehru

15. In which of the following States Article 360 is not applicable?

(a) Nagaland

(b) Jammu and Kashmir

(c) Manipur

(d) Mizoram

ANS: (b) Jammu and Kashmir

16. Lord Ripon is known as the father of

(a) Local Self-Government in India.

(b) All India Services.

(c) Hill administration in India

(d) State Administration in India.

ANS: (a) Local Self-Government in India.

17. Three-tier Panchayati Raj System was recommended by

(a) Sarkaria Commission

(b) Balawantrai Mehta Committee

(c) Ashok Mehta Committee.

(d) Administrative Reforms Commission.

ANS: (b) Balawantrai Mehta Committee

18. In India, Planning Commission is a

(a) Constitutional body

(b) Extra-Constitutional body

(c) Executive body

(d) Mandatory body.

ANS: (b) Extra-Constitutional body

19. Community Development Programme is based on the philosophy of

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru

(b) B.R. Ambedkar

(c) Gopinath Bordoloi

(d) Mahatma Gandhi

ANS: (d) Mahatma Gandhi

20. Fundamental duties of Indian Citizens are provided by

(a) 41st amendment

(b) 42nd amendment

(c) 43rd amendment

(d) 44th amendment

ANS: (b) 42nd amendment

21. If the third Monday in a month is 17th, which day will occur five times in that month?

(a) Tuesday

(b) Thursday

(c) Friday

(d) Saturday

ANS: (d) Saturday

22. If 52 × 45=30, 70 × 23=23 and 84 ×52=48, then 62 × 43=?

(a) 20

(b) 30

(c) 24

(d) 32

ANS: (b) 30

23. Which of the following numbers does not possess the common property that the other three numbers do?

(a) 8745

(b) 6428

(c) 7346

(d) 5294

ANS: (a) 8745

24. A is the brother of B and C, D is C’s mother and B’s sister, E is B’s sister. How is C related to E?

(a) As Nice

(b) As Cousin

(c) As Aunt

(d) As mother

The above question is wrong

25. A series of numbers set as 8, 20, and 50. What will be the next in the order of sequence?

(a) 150

(b) 110

(c) 125

(d) 115

ANS: (c) 125

26. B, J, K, M and S are computer operators in a farm G. Their seat arrangements are.

1. S is left of K

2. J & M are right of B

3. S & M do not sit together

4. B & M are rivals & always sit on either sides of J

Who is sitting in the centre?


(b) J

(c) B

(d) K

ANS: (b) J

27. Fid the odd group out

1. Pen, Nib, Ink, Pencil

2. Zebra, Giraffe, Goat, Sheep

3. Dispur, Imphal, Dimapur, Agartala

(a) 2

(b) 1

(c) 3

(d) 4

ANS: (c) 3

28. The continue number of a special series is read as 9531, 9642, 9753

What will be the next correct order in the numerical series?

(a) 9420

(b) 8751

(c) 8642

(d) 9864

ANS: (d) 9864

29. Which of the following is the largest fraction?

(a) 1/3

(b) 2/3

(c) ¾

(d) 5/8

ANS: (c) ¾

30. If 28th February of 2001 is Wednesday, what will be the day of the week on 28th February, 2002?

(a) Wednesday

(b) Thursday

(c) Friday

(d) Tuesday

ANS: (b) Thursday

31. A 20 cm × 20 cm × 30 cm rectangular box is tied with a ribbon is required for trying the knot the minimum length of the ribbon is

(a) 80 cm

(b) 130 cm

(c) 170 cm

(d) 190 cm

ANS: (d) 190 cm

32. A sheep S is tied by two ropes each of 15 metres long to two posts P and Q which are 20 metres apart. The region over which the sheep can move is the shaded region given by

(a) P Q

(b) P Q

(c) P Q

(d) P Q

ANS: (a) P Q

33. If Atal coded 74, then Lata will be coded as

(a) 47

(b) 48

(c) 74

(d) 77

ANS: (a) 47

34. The missing number in the third circle is

(a) 3

(b) 9

(c) 12

(d) 15

ANS: (b) 9

35. Half percent of hundred is

(a) 50

(b) 5

(c) 0.5

(d) 0.05

ANS: (a) 50

36. The devastating earthquake of Gujrat in 2001 took place on

(a) 20th January

(b) 26th January

(c) 13th February

(d) 27th February

ANS: (b) 26th January

37. The National Commission on Population (2000) is chaired by

(a) K.C. Pant

(b) Krishna Sing

(c) Dr. A. M. Khusro

(d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

ANS: (c) Dr. A. M. Khusro

38. The provisional figure of India’s population as per 2001-m census is

(a) 1007 million

(b) 1017 million

(c) 1027 million

(d) 1037 million

ANS: (c) 1027 million

39. The present Governor of Reserve Bank of India is

(a) Dr. C. Rangarajan

(b) Dr. D. T. Lakdawala

(c) Dr. Bimal Jalan

(d) Dr. L. J. Jha

ANS: (c) Dr. Bimal Jalan

40. The present Secretary-General of United Nations is

(a) U. Thant

(b) Robert Macnamara

(c) Nelson Mandella

(d) Kofi Annan

ANS: (d) Kofi Annan

41. The Enron Power Project is situated in

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Karnataka

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Goa

ANS: (a) Maharashtra

42. The aim of India’s economic planning is to raise

(a) living standard of people

(b) National income

(c) Per capita income

(d) all of the above

ANS: (d) all of the above

43. The name of Tehelka chief is

(a) Anirudha Bahal

(b) Sanjay Khan

(c) Tarun Tejpal

(d) Pranany Roy

ANS: (c) Tarun Tejpal

44. Which one of the following is popularly known as software capital of India?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Bangalore

(c) Hyderabad

(d) Kolkata

ANS: (b) Bangalore

45. Dehra Dun is the Capital town of

(a) Uttaranchal

(b) Chattisgarh

(c) Jharkhand

(d) Himachal Pradesh

ANS: (a) Uttaranchal

46. The population of Assam as per provisional data of 2001 census falls within the range of

(a) 210 lakh-225 lakh

(b) 225 lakh-250 lakh

(c) 250 lakh-270 lakh

(d) 270 lakh -290 lakh

ANS: (c) 250 lakh-270 lakh

47. To which one of the following Sates does district of ‘Bhuj’ belong?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Gujrat

(d) Maharashtra

ANS: (c) Gujrat

48. Community Development is organized on the basis of

(a) Population

(b) Area

(c) Community

(d) Population and community

ANS: (c) Community

49. The Ninth Five-Year Plan will be completed on 31st March,

(a) 2002

(b) 2003

(c) 2004

(d) 2005

ANS: (a) 2002

50. ‘India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium’ is a new book which has attracted readers’ attention. Who is the author of the book?

(a) Kushwant Singh

(b) R. K. Lakshman

(c) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Y.S. Rajan

(d) Nirad C. Chaudhuri and V.S. Naipaul

ANS: (c) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Y.S. Rajan

51. Indian born Scientist Subramanjam Chandrasekhar had won the Nobel Prize for his work in the area of

(a) Nuclear Medicine

(b) Biochemistry

(c) Molecular Biology

(d) Astrophysics

ANS: (d) Astrophysics

52. J. M. Lyngdoh was appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner to succeed M.S. Gill. Who was appointed as Election Commissioner in place of Lyngdoh?

(a) K. C. Mittal

(b) B. B. Tandon

(c) Dr. R. S. Paroda

(d) Dr. S. Rame Gowda

ANS: (a) K. C. Mittal

53. Justice Venkataswami Commission is in the national news pertains to

(a) Ayodhya issue

(b) Enron issue

(c) 1993 riots in Mumbari

(d) Tehelka expose

ANS: (d) Tehelka expose

54. On March 31, Union Commerce Minister announced new EXIM Policy for the year 1999-2000. It aims at

(a) setting up free trade zones

(b) taking up 16 rail-line projects for better transportation network

(c) allowing 74% Foreign Direct Investment

(d) setting up of Expenditure Reforms Commissions

ANS: (a) setting up free trade zones

55. The Euro (European single currency) comes into effect from

(a) 1998

(b) 1999

(c) 2000

(d) 2001

ANS: (c) 2000

56. The Indus Valley monuments were built of

(a) sun-dried bricks

(b) burnt bricks

(c) stone

(d) wood and bamboo

ANS: (a) sun-dried bricks

57. The historian to accompany Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in several of his expeditions was

(a) Ferishta

(b) Alberuni

(c) Minhazuddhin Siraj

(d) Badauni

ANS: (b) Alberuni

58. Gandhiji called off the Non-Co-operation Movement because of a violent incident at

(a) Bardoli

(b) Dandi

(c) Chauri Chaura

(d) Ahmedabad

ANS: (c) Chauri Chaura

59. The Gandhara School of Art emphasised on

(a) Indian materials and Greek style

(b) Greek materials and Indian style

(c) Both Indian materials and Indian style.

(d) Neither Indian materials nor Indian style.

ANS: (c) Both Indian materials and Indian style

60. The Greek General Defeated by Chandragupta Maurya was

(a) Antigonas

(b) Seleucas

(c) Eudomas

(d) Phillippos

ANS: (b) Seleucas

61. Who is called the ‘Indian Napoleon’?

(a) Samudragupta

(b) Chandragupta-II Vikramaditya

(c) Skandagupta

(d) Pulakeshin-II

ANS: (a) Samudragupta

62. Grand Trunk Road which extended from Sonargaon in East Bengal to Sindh was built by

(a) Akabr

(b) Jahangir

(c) Sher Shah

(d) Allauddin Khaji

ANS: (c) Sher Shah

63. Who passed the Vernacular Press Act restricting the freedom of the press?

(a) Lord Dalhousie

(b) Lord Lytton

(c) Lord Dufferin

(d) Lord Lansdown

ANS: (b) Lord Lytton

64. The slogan ‘Jai Hind’ was coined by

(a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(b) Subhas Chandra Bose

(c) Bipin Chandra Paul

(d) Lala Lajpat Rai

ANS: (b) Subhas Chandra Bose

65. Chanakya who helped Chandragupta Maurya to annihilate the Nanda Kingdom was a Brahmin from

(a) Taxila

(b) Pataliputra

(c) Kanauj

(d) Gandhara

ANS: (a) Taxila

66. The offices of the Barbaruah and the Barphukan were created by

(a) Sudangpha

(b) Suhunmung Dihingia Raja

(c) Pratap Singha

(d) Jayadhhaj Singha

ANS: (c) Pratap Singha

67. The Chutiya Kingdom was conquered by

(a) Suklengmung

(b) Suhunmung Dihingia Raja

(c) Pratap Singha

(d) Jayadhhaj Singha

ANS: (b) Suhunmung Dihingia Raja

68. The Kachari King to assume the title ‘Pratap Narayan’ after defeating the Ahoms was

(a) Indrabal Narayan

(b) Joso Narayan

(c) Nirbhaya Narayan

(d) Durlabh Narayan

ANS:  (b) Joso Narayan

69. Who among the following literators did not receive the patronage of the Koch King Naranarayan?

(a) Ram Saraswati

(b) Ananta Kandali

(c) Sankardeva

(d) Madhav Kandali

ANS: (d) Madhav Kandali

70. Rudra Singh first built the Rang Ghar with bamboo and wood. It was rebuilt with brick and mortar by

(a) Siva Singha

(b) Pramatta Singha

(c) Rajeswar Singha

(d) Lakshmi Singha

ANS: (b) Pramatta Singha

71. The Battle of Mahagarh was fought between

(a) Chandrakanta Singha and the Burmese

(b) The Burmese and British

(c) The Burmese and Ruchinath Buragohain

(d) The Burmese and Purandar Singha

ANS: (a) Chandrakanta Singha and the Burmese

72. Who was the President of the first session of Asom Chatra Sanmilon?

(a) Rohinikanta Hatibaruah

(b) Kamaluddin Ahmed

(c) Lakshidhar Sharma

(d) Lakshminath Bezbaruah

ANS: (d) Lakshminath Bezbaruah

73. One of the following books is the most important literary source for the study of early history of Assam. Which is the book?

(a) The Mahabharata

(b) The Harsha Charita

(c) The Kalika Purana

(d) The Arthashastra

ANS: (c) The Kalika Puran

74. The earliest King of Assam was

(a) Mahiranga Danava

(b) Narakasur

(c) Bhaskar Barman

(d) Naranarayan

ANS: (a) Mahiranga Danava

75. ‘Fatiyah-i-Ibriyah’ was written by

(a) Alberuni

(b) Azan Fakir

(c) Mirjumla

(d) Shihabuddin Talish

ANS: (d) Shihabuddin Talish

76. In the Battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Barphukan was in the leadership of

(a) Raj Mantri Aton Buragohain Dangariya

(b) Kaliabhomora Barphukan

(c) Miri Sandikoi

(d) Manthir Bharali Barua

ANS: (a) Raj Mantri Aton Buragohain Dangariya

77. The Chief Commission ship was introduced in Assam in

(a) 1873

(b) 1874

(c) 1875

(d) 1876

ANS: (b) 1874

78. Mark the correct share of Kuwait’s oil reserve compared to world’s total

(a) About 16%

(b) Between 20% and 30%

(c) Less than 16%

(d) Equal to the share of Russia

ANS: (d) Equal to the share of Russia

79. Which one of the following mountain ranges does not tally with the main Himalayan ranges?

(a) Trans Himalayan Range

(b) Great Himalaya Range

(c) Lesser Himalayan Range

(d) Siwaliks

ANS: (a) Trans Himalayan Range

80. Recognize which of the following rivers is not South-flowing

(a) The Dambodar

(b) The Chambal

(c) The Kosi

(d) The Gadadhar

ANS: (b) The Chambal

81. Which one season of the following is associated with Bordoichila in Assam?

(a) Pre-Monsoon Season

(b) Monsoon season

(c) Retreating Monsoon season

(d) Winter season

ANS: (a) Pre-Monsoon Season

82. Identify the exact location of the Dun Valley

(a) Between the Shivalik and the Inner Himalaya

(b) Between the Inner Himalaya and the Middle Himalaya.

(c) Between the Middle Himalaya and the other Himalaya.

(d) Between the Kumaon Himalaya and the Punjab Himalaya

ANS: (a) Between the Shivalik and the Inner Himalaya

83. Which one of the following wildlife sanctuaries of N.E. India is related with Project Tiger?

(a) Dibrugarh-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

(b) Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary

(c) Sonai-Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary.

(d) Manas Wildlife Sanctuary.

ANS: (d) Manas Wildlife Sanctuary.

84. Which one of the following is called the Weaver City of India?

(a) Panipat

(b) Leh

(c) Varanasi

(d) Jaipur

ANS: (a) Panipat

85. In which part of the following in India is located the Mahadeo hills?

(a) Central India

(b) Eastern India

(c) Eastern Ghats

(d) Western Ghats

ANS: (a) Central India

86. Of which one of the following States Chamoli is a district?

(a) Bihar

(b) Uttaranchal

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Himachal Pradesh

ANS: (b) Uttaranchal

87. Identify the wrong match of the following:

(a) Arunachal Pradesh- Siang

(b) Assam-Morigaon

(c) Meghalaya- Roibhoi

(d) Nagaland-Chhimtuipui

ANS: (d) Nagaland-Chhimtuipui

88. Blind Valleys are found in

(a) Karst Region

(b) Glaciated Region

(c) Desert

(d) Deltas

ANS: (c) Desert

89. Pampas grassland are situated in parts of

(a) Brazil

(b) Argentina

(c) Peru

(d) Canada

ANS: (b) Argentina

90. In which region (country) was the first oil well drilled in 1859?

(a) Leningrad in Russia

(b) Digboi in India

(c) Titusvile in USA

(d) Abadan in Middle East

ANS: (c) Titusvile in USA

91. Which of the types of coal has the highest heating capacity?

(a) Bituminous

(b) Lignite

(c) Anthracite

(d) Peat

ANS: (c) Anthracite

92. Rocks are classified on the basis of what characteristics?

(a) Origin

(b) Composition

(c) Texture

(d) Density

ANS: (c) Texture

93. Ocean currents are primarily caused by

(a) difference in temperature

(b) wind blowing over the sea surface

(c) irregular shape of the continents

(d) difference in salinity

ANS: (b) wind blowing over the sea surface

94. The Strait that connects Mediterranean Sea with Atlantic Ocean is

(a) Hormuz Strait

(b) Bering Strait

(c) Dover Strait

(d) Gibraltar Strait

ANS:(d) Gibraltar Strait

95. Which one of the following is not a country of west coast of Africa?

(a) Liberia

(b) Angola

(c) Cameroon

(d) Kenya

ANS: (d) Kenya

96. The North Atlantic Ocean route is very busy with heavy traffic because

(a) it is open to all weather and is the safest

(b) it is the oldest route known to man

(c) it connects two industrially advanced regions of the world.

(d) the gulf stream helps the movement of ships thereby reducing the cost.

ANS: (c) it connects two industrially advanced regions of the world.

97. Emu the largest running bird after the Ostrich is found in

(a) South America

(b) South Africa

(c) New Zealand

(d) Australia

ANS: (c) New Zealand

98. The drainage that separates the Meghalaya plateau from the Brazil range is

(a) Killing

(b) Doyang

(c) Lubha

(d) Digaru

ANS: (b) Doyang

99. The inter-State boundary between Assam and Tripura is marked by a river called?

(a) Dhaleswari

(b) Longai

(c) Kuchiara

(d) Sonai

ANS: (b) Longai

100. The Singhashion peak, the highest pan of Assam is located on

(a) Nilachal Hills

(b) Barali Range

(c) Agyathuri Hill

(d) Rengma Hills

ANS: (b) Barali Range

101. The Tribe of Assam having largest size of population next to the Bodo’s is

(a) the Karbis

(b) the Dimasas

(c) the Missing

(d) the Rabha

ANS: (a) the Karbis

102. In respect of sediment carriage the rank of the Brahmaputra River among the rivers of the world is

(a) first

(b) second

(c) third

(d) fifth

ANS: (c) third

103. The proposed Ranganadi project is likely to benefit

(a) Nagaland and Manipur

(b) Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland

(c) Tripura and Mizoram

(d) Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

ANS: (c) Tripura and Mizoram

104. The only phosphatic fertilizer plant of North-East India is located in

(a) Tuli in Nagaland

(b) Nongpo in Meghalaya

(c) Namrup in Assam

(d) Chandrapur in Assam

ANS: (c) Namrup in Assam

105. The Ahoms who entered into Assam (erstwhile) established their capital

(a) Charaideo

(b) Rangpur

(c) Namti

(d) Nazirakhat

ANS: (a) Charaideo

106. In respect of potato production among the North-Eastern States of India the first and the second ranks are occupied by Assam and Meghalaya. Which of the following States ranks third?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh

(b) Manipur

(c) Nagaland

(d) Tripura

The answer of the above question cannot be determined.

107. Which district of Assam has the longest international boundary?

(a) Kokrajhar

(b) Dhubri

(c) Karimganj

(d) Nalbari

ANS: (b) Dhubri

108. The total number of Development Blocks in Assam is

(a) 119

(b) 200

(c) 219

(d) 180

ANS: (c) 219

109. The annual production of finished tea in recent years in Assam is around

(a) 5 lakh tonnes

(b) 10 lakh tonnes

(c) 20 lakh tonnes

(d) 50 lakh tonnes

ANS: (a) 5 lakh tonnes

110. The first President of India to be elected unopposed was

(a) S. Radhakrishnan

(b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(c) N. Sanjiva Reddy

(d) V. V. Giri

ANS: (b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

111. In which year the Government of India constituted the Minorities Commission to provide institutional safeguards for the minorities?

(a) 1968

(b) 1978

(c) 1988

(d) 1998

ANS: (d) 1998

112. The Constituent Assembly was set up according to the proposal of the

(a) Cripps Mission Plan

(b) Cabinet Mission Plan

(c) Wavell Plan

(d) Mountbatten Plan

ANS: (b) Cabinet Mission Plan

113. The conditions of President’s Office to laid down in Article

(a) 57 of the Constitution

(b) 58 of the Constitution

(c) 59 of the Constitution

(d) 60 of the Constitution

ANS: (a) 57 of the Constitution

114. The power to nominate 12 members to the Rajya Sabha is laid down in Article

(a) 79 of the Constitution

(b) 80 of the Constitution

(c) 81 of the Constitution

(d) 82 of the Constitution

ANS: (b) 80 of the Constitution

115. The Sarkaria Commission was appointed during the administration of the Prime Minister

(a) V.P. Singh

(b) Indira Gandhi

(c) Narasimha Rao

(d) Rajib Gandhi

ANS: (b) Indira Gandhi

116. Reservation of seats for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes is dealt with in Part

(a) XII of the Constitution

(b) XIII of the Constitution

(c) XIV of the Constitution

(d) XVI of the Constitution

ANS: (d) XVI of the Constitution

117. Equality before law and equal protection of law is dealt with in Article

(a) 13 of the Constitution

(b) 14 of the Constitution

(c) 15 of the Constitution

(d) 16 of the Constitution

ANS: (b) 14 of the Constitution

118. Which one of the following deals with the Panchayats?

(a) Part VII of the Constitution

(b) Part IX of the Constitution

(c) Part IX (A) of the Constitution

(d) Part X of the Constitution

ANS: (b) Part IX of the Constitution

119. Which one of the following is not correct?

(a) Directive Principles aim at economic reconstruction

(b) Directive Principles aim at establishment of welfare State

(c) Directive Principles aim at separation of executive from Judiciary.

(d) Directive Principles aim at safeguarding the freedom of speech and expression

ANS: (d) Directive Principles aim at safeguarding the freedom of speech and expression

120. Administration of Union Territories is dealt with in

(a) Part VIII of the Constitution

(b) Part IX of the Constitution

(c) Part X of the Constitution

(d) Part XI of the Constitution

ANS: (a) Part VIII of the Constitution

APSC Prelims 2001 Official Answer Key

The official answer key for APSC CSE Prelims 2001 is released by the APSC on its official website – apsc.gov.in.

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APSC is considered as one of the toughest exams in Assam and is conducted with tight security. APSC usually released the Prelims results after the exam being held. Those who secure merit in this, he or she shortlisted for the next round, the APSC Mains Exam.

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