Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers-Lok Sabha Quiz

Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers on Lok Sabha for Competitive Exam set 4

Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers

Lok Sabha: General Knowledge Quiz

Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam is one among the foremost relevant and important part of the Exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS/PNRD/NDA and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a set of Indian Polity GK Questions & Answer in the sort of Practice sets contains 30 GK Questions and Answers on Indian Parliament & Governance for competitive exams which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams.

In this section we have given Important Questions on Lok Sabha. So, Practice all these Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exams to prepare for the upcoming exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of GK Questions & Answers on Indian Parliament for Competitive Exams.

GK on Lok Sabha : Indian Polity Quiz for UPSC

91. What is called a house directly elected by the public?
Ans: Lok Sabha

92. What is the original number of members of Lok Sabha in the Constitution?
Ans: 552

93. How many members are there in the Lok Sabha at present?
Ans: 545

94. How many representatives of the Anglo-Indian community can the President nominate in the Lok Sabha?
Ans: two

95. On what basis seats are allocated in Lok Sabha?
Ans: on the basis of population

96. The allocation of seats for each state in the current Lok Sabha is based on...............
Ans: 1971 Census

97. Which Lok Sabha elections were held in four phases?
Ans: 14th

98. What is the minimum age to become a member of Lok Sabha?
Ans: 25 years

99. Which state sends the most representatives to the Lok Sabha?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

100. Which state has the most parliamentary constituency after Uttar Pradesh?
Ans: Maharashtra

101. In which state there are least number of Lok Sabha members?
Ans: Nagaland, Sikkim and Mizoram

102. Who is the leader of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Prime Minister

103. When was the pension system implemented to former MP members?
Ans: 1976 AD

104. At least how many sessions are required in the Lok Sabha?
Ans: twice a year

105. Who can dissolve the Lok Sabha?
Ans: on the advice of the President, the Prime Minister

106. Where the financial bill can be passed?
Ans: Lok Sabha

107. Which house of no-confidence motion is brought?
Ans: Lok Sabha

108. Budget is passed by whom?
Ans: Lok Sabha

109. Who decides the questions related to disabilities of members of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Speaker of Lok Sabha

110. What do you call the Speaker of Temporary Lok Sabha?
Ans: Protem Speaker

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111. Who appoints Promet Speaker?
Ans: President

112. How many days the membership of the member of Lok Sabha ceases to be absent?
Ans: 2 months

113. Which Bill is passed by Lok Sabha only?
Ans: Finance Bill

114. Council of Ministers is responsible to whom?
Ans: To the Lok Sabha

115. At what stage can Parliament extend the term of Lok Sabha?
Ans: in case of emergency

116. How long can Parliament increase the tenure of Lok Sabha at one time?
Ans: for 1 year

117. In which year the tenure of the Lok Sabha was extended twice, one by one?
Ans: in 1976

118. What is the meaning of 'zero time' in political terms?
Ans: Q&A session

119. If a person is a member of Rajya Sabha, can he give his statement in Lok Sabha?
Ans: Yes

120. Who Elects the Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Member of Lok Sabha

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