Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers for APSC | General Knowledge info on Commonwealth Games 2022

Sports GK for Competitive Exams - Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC/APSC or any other Assam Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important Sports GK for the upcoming competitive exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the Current Sports GK Questions and Answers in English Language for APSC. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the most important Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers for the upcoming exams like APSC Prelims, Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Grade III and Grade IV Exam, DHS, Assam Police, Irrigation, PNRD, JAA exam. Infact the General Knowledge info on Commonwealth Games 2022 (Sports GK Quiz) will be a key topic in the Sports GK section for the upcoming exams. So the GK Quiz on Commonwealth Games 2022 will be a pedestrian to crack your exam. 

Commonwealth Games 2022 Quiz

Sports GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

In this article we have provided you Sports GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. So, read all these important Sports GK for APSC Prelims 2022 as well as for other Assam govt exams. These GK Questions and Answers On Sports are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation.

Questions Related to Commonwealth Games 2022

In order to succeed in the prestigious competitive examination, it is important that the aspirant has access to the Best General Knowledge Questions on important topics such as Sports GK. Specially the toppers of the most Competitive Exams recommend that candidates start their preparation with the best general knowledge questions for upcoming exam.

Sports GK for Competitive Exams - Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers

There are mainly seven very important Sports GK for Competitive Exams. Mark this Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers for Assam Grade III & Grade IV Exam :

1. From July 28 to August 8, nearly 200 Indian athletes competing for medals across 16 different sports at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham. The Commonwealth Games 2022 - Birmingham 2022 - will take place in 15 venues spread across the West Midlands region, with seven of them being located in the city of Birmingham, England - the host of the games.

2. The 2022 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXII Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Birmingham 2022. Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will demonstrate the very best of Global Britain to the world, showcasing the region's strengths.

3. One of the most iconic highlights of Commonwealth Games 2022 is this year that Women’s Cricket is included in Commonwealth Games.

4. On the second day of the Commonwealth Games, India got their first medal. Sanket Sargar won the first medal for India in 55Kg men’s weightlifting and won a Silver medal.

5. Mirabai Chanu won the first gold in Commonwealth Games 2022 for India in 49Kg Women’s Weightlifting.

6. Gururaja Poojary won a Bronze medal in 61kg men’s weightlifting, and in 55kg women’s weightlifting, Bindyarani Devi won the silver medal.

7. Two gold medals were bagged by India in 67kg men’s weightlifting by Jeremy Lalrinnunga and in 73kg weightlifting by Achinta Sheuli.

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List of Countries in which Commonwealth Games took Place

1950New ZealandAuckland
1974New ZealandChristchurch
1990New ZealandAuckland
1998MalaysiaKuala Lumpur
2018AustraliaGold Coast

Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers for APSC | General Knowledge info on Commonwealth Games 2022

Here are the most important Commonwealth Games 2022 GK Questions and Answers for APSC prelims. Also check these important General Knowledge info on Commonwealth Games 2022 in order to answer the questions : 

1. Commonwealth games 2022 will be held in?

Ans : Birmingham, England

2. Commonwealth games 2022 is which edition?

Ans : 22nd

3. What are the dates of commonwealth Games 2022 ?

Ans : Thursday 28 July 2022 to Monday 8 August 2022

4. Who is the father of the Commonwealth Games ?

Ans : Melville Marks (Bobby ) Robinson is recognised as the founder of the Commonwealth Games.

5. What is the motto of the Commonwealth Games?

Ans : The Motto of the Commonwealth Games 2022 is “Games for Everyone”

6. How many events are to be organised in commonwealth games 2022 ?

Answer : 280 events in 20 different sports are going to be organised in the commonwealth games 2022.

7.  Who is the mascot of 2022 Commonwealth Games ?

Ans : Perry is the mascot of Commonwealth Games 2022. Perry is a multi-coloured, jazzy bull with an athletic build.

8. In how many sports India is participating in Commonwealth games 2022?

Ans : 15 sports

9. How many countries are participating in Commonwealth games 2022?

Ans : 72 countries

10. Commonwealth games 2026 will be held in?

Ans : Victoria, Australia

11. Commonwealth games held after every how many years?

Ans : Every 4 years

12. First Commonwealth games was held in which year?

Ans : in 1911 (unofficial)

13. Which sports makes it debut in Commonwealth games 2022?

Ans : Cricket

14. Which country has won the most medals in Commonwealth games?

Ans : Australia

15. Where is India stands at all time medal table in Commonwealth games?

Ans : 4th rank

16. India won how many gold medals in Commonwealth games 2018 ?

Ans : 25 gold

17. First official Commonwealth games held in which year?

Ans : 1930 in Canada

18. Indian contingent in Commonwealth games 2022 is consisted of how many members?

Ans : 215 members contingent

19. Who had bagged India’s first Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games?

Ans : Milkha Singh aka ‘Flying Sikh’ in 1958

20. Which Indian athlete with the most number of medals in Commonwealth Games?

Ans : Jaspal Rana in shooting

21. What is the Old Name of Commonwealth Games ?

Ans : The Old Name of Commonwealth Games is “The British Empire Games” . From 1930 to 1950 these games were known as ” British Empire Games” , From 1954 to 1966 these were named as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. From 1970 to 1974 they were known as British Commonwealth Games. Now these game are known as ”Commonwealth Games”.

22. Where is the headquarter of Commonwealth Games ?

Ans : The head quarter of commonwealth games is at London, England.

23. In which year India hosted Commonwealth Games ?

Ans : India hosted the commonwealth games in October 2010.

24. Who became the youngest to win a Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games ? 

Ans : Anish Bhanwala

25. India finished at which position at CWG2018? 

Ans : 3rd

26. Who clinches India's first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022 lifting record 201 kg?

Ans : Mirabai Chanu

27. How many medals Mirabai Chanu has won in the history of Commonwealth Games?

Ans : 3 Medals

28. Who is the other Indian weightlifter who bagged silver medal in the women's 55 kg category at Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans : Bindya Rani Devi

29. Against which country India opened their Women's Hockey campaign at Commonwealth Games 2022 with a 5-0 victory?

Ans : Ghana

30. Who wins the first medal at the Common Wealth Games 2022 for India?

Ans : Sanket Sagar

31. How many Nations around the world will take part in the the Commonwealth Games 2022 across 11 days?

Ans : 72 Nations

32. What is the name of the stadium in Birmingham England the Commonwealth Games 2022 opening ceremony took place?

Ans : Alexander stadium

33. Which weightlifter has won Gold medal for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans : Achinta Sheuli

34. Which medal did Bindiyarani Devi won in the CWG 2022?

Ans : Silver in 55kg weightlifting

35. Who won a Gold medal in men’s 67kg in the CWG 2022?

Ans : Jeremy Lalrinnunga

36. Which Indian athletes have won medals in Judo in CWG 2022?

Ans : Shushila Likmabam – Silver in women’s 48kg, Vijay Kumar – Bronze in men’s 60kg

Sports GK Questions and Answers 2022 (Sports GK Quiz)

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