Top 20 Most Popular Inventors of the World & their Inventories for Competitive Exams

Most Famous Inventors of the World and their inventions

Hello, aspirants are you preparing for UPSC/APSC or any other Govt Exams 2022? If yes, then you must be aware of the most important general knowledge for the upcoming competitive exam preparation. Therefore every aspirants need to know the latest general knowledge - Current Affairs for UPSC/APSC and any other govt exams 2022. In this regard "World_Polity" decides to provide you the Most Popular Inventors of the World & Their Inventories for upcoming any Competitive Exams. Infact the Inventors of the World & their Inventories will be a key topic in the World GK section for the upcoming exams. So the famous inventors in the world and what they invented for the exams will be a pedestrian to crack your exam.

Top 20 Most Popular Inventors of the World & their Inventories for Competitive Exams

Top Most Famous Inventors of the World for UPSC 

Inventors in the World and what they Invented

In this article we have provided you inventors in the world and what they invented. So, read these most important World GK the great inventors of the world for the upcoming UPSC - APSC Prelims & Mains exam as well as other govt exams. These famous inventors of the world are extremely important and should be a part of your preparation. Infact the Inventors of the World & their Inventories is very important for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Grade III & Grade IV Exam of 2022.

Top Inventors of the World and their inventions

Here are the most important Top Inventors of the World and their inventions for your upcoming exams. Read about these most famous inventors who changed the world by their inventions in order to answer the questions. 

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Top 20 Most Popular Inventors of The World & Their Inventories

Well, World_Polity made a list of most famous Inventors of the world and their Best Invention Ideas. 

Viewers you know what they all had in common was an idea and a vision to deliver what they felt would make the whole world a better place. 

• Thomas Edison (1847-1931): 


The very first great invention was developed by Thomas Alva Edison, the tin foil phonograph. Thomas Edison who is prolific producer, additionally known for his great work with light bulbs, electricity, film and audio devices, and far more.

• Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1879): 

In the year 1876, at the age of 29, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone. Among one among his first innovations after the phonephone was the "photophone," a tool that enabled sound to be transmitted on a beam of sunshine

• George Washington Carver (1864-1943): 

George Washington Carver was an agricultural chemist who invented 300 uses for peanuts and many more uses for soybeans, pecans, and sweet potatoes. His contributions changed the history of agriculture within the south. 

• Eli Whitney (1765-1825): 

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1794. The gin may be a machine that separates seeds, hulls, and other unwanted materials from cotton after it's been picked. 

• Johannes Gutenberg (1394-1468): 

Johannes Gutenberg was a German goldsmith and inventor best known for the Gutenberg press, an innovative printer that used movable type. 

• John Logie Baird (1888-1946):

John Logie Baird is remembered because the inventor of mechanical television (an earlier version of television). Baird also patented inventions associated with radar and fiber optics. 

• Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790): 

Benjamin Franklin who was mainly known for being an iconic statesman and a founding father. But among his many other accomplishments was the invention of the lightning rod, the 'Iron Furnace Stove' or 'Franklin Stove,' Bifocal Glasses, and thus the Odometer.  

• Henry Ford (1863-1947): 

Henry Ford didn't invent the car as many of us mistakenly assume. But Ford did improve the "assembly line" for Automobile Manufacturing, and for thar later he received a patent for a mechanism , and popularized the gas-powered car with the Model-T

• James Watt (1736-1819): 

In 1764, while repairing the Newcomen external-combustion engine, Watt was impressed not by the engine itself but by the waste of steam it made. It took him a few year to return up with a clever solution to enhance the efficiency of the engine: a separate condenser. it had been his first and greatest invention. 

• James Naismith (1861-1939): 

James Naismith was a Canadian education instructor who invented basketball in 1891.  

• Herman Hollerith (1860-1929): 

Herman Hollerith who invented a Punch-Card Tabulation Machine system for the statistical computation. His machines were used for the year 1890 Census and completed in one year what would have taken nearly 10 years of hand tabulating. 

• Nikola Tesla (1856-1943): 

Tesla invented fluorescent lighting, the Tesla induction motor. Therefore the Tesla coil developed the AC electrical supply system that included a motor and transformer, also as three-phase electricity.

• Alfred Nobel (1833-1896): 

Mostly recognized because the founding father of the Noble Prizes, Alfred Bernhard Nobel had two other notable inventions: explosive detonation of nitroglycerin and dynamite. During the late 1850s, the foremost powerful yet relatively safe explosive to be used in mines was the black powder. Nitroglycerin was known about at that point , but it had been so powerful that no-one knew the way to detonate it from a secure distance. 

• Steve Jobs (1955-2011): 

Steve Jobs was best remembered because the charismatic co-founder of Apple Inc
Working with co-founder Steve Wozniak, Jobs introduced the Apple II, a well-liked mass-market pc that helped inaugurate a replacement era of private computing. 
After being forced out of the corporate that he founded, Jobs returned in 1997 and assembled the team of designers, programmers, and engineers liable for the groundbreaking iPhone, iPad, and lots of other innovations. 

• Tim Berners Lee (1955-2019): 

Tim Berners-Lee is an English engineer and scientist who is usually credited with inventing the World Wide Web, a network that the majority people use to access the web. 

He first described a proposal for such a system in 1989, but it wasn't until August of 1991 that the primary internet site was published and online. The World Wide Web that Berners-Lee developed was comprised of the primary browser , server, and hyper texting. 

• James Dyson (1947-2019): 

Sir James Dyson may be a British inventor and industrial designer who revolutionized vacuum cleaning with the invention of the twin Cyclone, the primary bagless vacuum. 

He later founded the Dyson company to developed improved and technologically advanced household appliances. The James Dyson Award is given to those students who came up with promising new designs. 

• Lee De Forest (1873-1961): 

Live broadcasting was made possible because of a tube called the Audion, invented by Lee De Forest in 1907. Since the Audion was simpler at receiving wireless signals than the available alternatives, it became a crucial component altogether radios, televisions, and telephones. 

De Forest sold his patent to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, which ended up using Audion as an amplification component for long-distance receivers. 

• Walt Disney (1901-1966):

Animated films had already existed before Walt Elias Disney realized that he could blend animation with sound into one movie .

One among Disney’s major breakthroughs within the industry happened in 1928, when he released the third Mickey Mouse cartoon called Steamboat Willie featuring music and voice. It had been a moment sensation and set the course of Disney’s future. 

• Edward Teller (1908-2003): 

Known as the daddy of the H-bomb within the us , Teller along side Stanislaw Marcin Ulam developed the idea of the weapon. 
A bomb built using the Teller-Ulam configuration was successfully tested in 1952 at Enewetak Atoll, yielding an explosion with the facility equivalent of 10 megatons of TNT. Teller became related to the event of the primary thermonuclear weapon. 

• Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000): 

As an inventor, Hedy Lamarr made significant contributions to Radio-Technology and systems. During war II, she invented a radio-guidance system for torpedoes. The frequency-hopping technology has been wont to develop Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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