Second World War | Causes of Second World War

World War II and 10 Major Causes of Second World War

Second World War | Causes of Second World War

Second World War which was commonly known as World War II, arguably, the most significant and influential event of the twentieth century. The Second World War was the largest conflict in human history and devastated Europe, Asia, North Africa, and large portions of the Pacific. It began as two separate wars: one involving Japan against China in the 1930s; the other involving Germany against Poland, France, and Great Britain in 1939. With the entry of the United States into both wars in December 1941, the two conflicts merged into a single global struggle during which a coalition of Allied powers (the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, China, Free France, and a host of smaller nations) defeated a coalition of Axis states (Germany, Italy, Japan, and smaller satellites). This article provides you the information of Second World War specially the causes of Second World War. 

World War II was the biggest and deadliest war in history, involving more than 30 countries. 

Causes of Second World War :

The second world war which was started on 1st September 1939 years. In the history of mankind no war has caused so much destruction and loss of life like Second World War. There are several factors which are mainly responsible for the outbreak of second world war which are discussed below:

a) Faulty Peace Settlement : The peace settlement made by the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 was faulty and contained the germs of Second World War.  the provisions of Versailles Treaty were very harsh on German the Treaty was imposed by the victim was on the defeated and was not spirit of Give and take due to this Treaty Germany felt humiliated that ultimately created an environment for a second world war.

b) Rise of Nazism in Germany : the extreme and narrow Nationalism in Germany, Italy and Japan was of the chief causes of Second World War. The humiliating terms of the Treaty of Versailles was made the German national game stronger than before German people willingly accepted the dictatorship of Hitler and his policy of restoring the prestige of Germany by taking revenge upon those people for humiliating Germany at the Paris Peace Conference.

c) Rise of Fascism in Italy and Militarism in Japan : under the leadership of Mussolini come to power on Italy by 1930 the faeces advocated extreme nationalism were on imperialism as the means for securing the interest of Italy. Moreover the principles of militarism and imperialism of Japan greatly contributed in creating and environment of suspicion and hatred, jeopardizing the peace process in the world. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour Mein the Second World War bloodier and more devastating war. 

d) Weakness and Subsequent Failure of the League : League of nation was created in 1919 for securing international peace. However due to several structural defects as well as due to unhelpful environment the league failed to work effectively as an instrument of peace. It locked the strong organisation needed to command respect among the Nations. the failure of lead was a major cause of the outbreak of Second World War. 

e) Failure of Efforts Towards Disarmament : Another cause of second world war was the failure of disarmament efforts. Many conferences are held  inside and outside of the league for securing disarmament. Practically nothing came out of these progress of disarmament and Army of Germany under Hitler intensified the armaments race which came to be a major cause of Second World War. 

f) Problem of National Minorities : Paris Peace Conference failed to solve the problem of supplying the minorities problem. US President Woodrow Wilson advocated the need to settle this problem on the principles of self determination. But due to the several social, cultural, religious, economy and military factors it was operationalised these principles. Germany exploited this situation specially the Balkan areas. The problem of National minorities thus acted as a factor of outbreak of Second World War. 

g) The System of Secret Alliance : first world war the system of secret Alliance of military or defence was also a major cause of Second World War. France alliance with Belgium, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. These compelled Germany Italy and Japan to follow suite. By 1937 the world stood Virtually divided between the two rival Alliance system --

The Rome, Berlin, Tokyo exist and Anti Exist Alliance. 

h) The Economy Decreation of 1930's : Another important factor that indirectly responsible to the collapse of interwar system and to the outbreak of 1930. The pressure caused by underdevelopment give rise to the emergence of centralised and Dictatorial racism in Germany. The fascist rulers sought to solve their economic problem for military conquest and expansion of their military power. 

i) Ideological Conflict : Another cause of second world war was an ideological conflict between the dictatorship of one hand and democracy on the other. Germany, Italy and Japan stood for dictatorship, war and imperialism while Britain France and USA stood for democracy peace and statusque. The ideological conflict between these two groups prevented the adoption of peaceful balance approach to the settlement of their disputes. 

j) Policy of Appeasement : the policy of appeasement adopted by Britain and France towards Germany and Italy contributed largely to the outbreak of second world war. Britain during the interwar years was more concerned with the growing Soviet Communism rather than fascism and Nazism. Infact the British statement are interested in making Germany a bulwalk against Soviet communism. This policy of appeasement differently and curries the treaties of Versailles lease and to let the work in the break of another world war. 

Well all these causes are more or less collectively responsible for the outbreak of Second World War. 

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