MCQ on Human Rights | Human Rights MCQ with Answers set - 2

MCQ on Human Rights | GK Questions and Answers on Human Rights set - 2

MCQ on Human Rights | GK Questions and Answers on Human Rights set - 2

MCQ on Human Rights is one among the foremost relevant and important part of the national and state level exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS/PNRD/JAA/RBI/SBI/NABARD and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a set of Human Rights MCQ with Answers in the sort of Practice sets contains 50 MCQ on Human Rights related to general awareness 2021 section which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams.

MCQ on Human Rights|Human Rights MCQ with Answers   

21. Child rights are protected in article........of UDHR
A) 25 (2)
B) 28
C) 18
D) 19
Ans - A

22. Which article of Indian constitution and laws childhood and youth against exploitation?
A) 24
B) 39 (1)
C) 41
D) 45
Ans - B

23. Which article........... Prohibits traffic in human beings including children
A) 24
B) 28
C) 45
D) 23
Ans - D

24. Child labour is prohibited as per article...........of Indian Constitution
A) 24
B) 16
C) 20
D) 23
Ans - A

25. Which constitutional amendment made education a fundamental right in India?
A) 42
B) 44
C) 86
D) 90
Ans - C

26. Indian government promulgated Juvenile justice act in...........
A) 1986
B) 1990
C) 1987
D) 2000
Ans - A

27. Indian government issued dowry prohibition act in the year
A) 1961
B) 1987
C) 1991
D) 1975
Ans - A

28. International Women's Day is observed.........
A) June 5
B) March 28
C) August 15
D) March 8
Ans - D

29. How many articles are there in protection of human rights act?
A) 50
B) 31
C) 28
D) 40
Ans - B

30. What is the retirement age of the chairman of NHRC?
A) 55
B) 60
C) 70
D) 65
Ans - C

31. Who appoints the chairman of NHRC?
A) Prime Minister
B) Chief Justice
C) President of India
D) none of these
Ans - C

32. Who is the chairman of the committee which recommends the chairman and members of NHRC to the president?
A) President
B) Finance Minister
C) Home Minister
D) Prime Minister
Ans - D

33. Who shall be the chairman of NHRC?
A) Supreme Court Judge
B) Supreme Court Chief Justice
C) High Court Chief Justice
D) High Court Judge
Ans - B

34. Which article of the protection of human rights act prescribes for human rights courts?
A) article 12
B) article 16
C) article 31
D) article 13
Ans - C

35. When was the National Commission on women constituted in India?
A) 1975
B) 1978
C) 1980
D) 1992
Ans - D

36. When was the first dowry prohibition act passed in India?
A) 1972
B) 1960
C) 1961
D) 1975
Ans - C

37. When was the convention on the right of the child came into force?
A) 1975
B) 1978
C) 1990
D) 1993
Ans - C

38. Which article of the Indian Constitution prohibits hazardous jobs to children?
A) article 20
B) article 28
C) article 21
D) article 24
Ans - D

39. When was the Juvenile justice Act enacted?
A) 1992
B) 1998
C) 2000
D) 2002
Ans - B

40. Who appoints the Chairman of the State Human Rights Commission?
A) Chief Minister
B) President
C) Prime Minister
D) Governor
Ans - D 

Well these are the 50 Solved Objective Question(MCQs) on Human Rights – Set-2

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