Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Examinations

Most Important Computer Knowledge Questions and Answers for Upcoming Competitive Exams

Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Examinations
Most Important Computer Knowledge Questions for Upcoming Bank Exams

Most Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Examinations is one among the foremost relevant and important part of the national and state level exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS/PNRD/JAA/RBI/SBI/NABARD and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a set of most Important Computer Knowledge Questions and Answers for Upcoming Competitive Exams in the sort of Practice sets contains 50 Most Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Examinations related to general awareness section which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams.   

Top 50 Computer Awareness Questions for Banking and Government Exams :

1. Computer’s which chip counts up 

Arithmetic and Logic?

Ans: Microprocessor

2. What is the F7 key in MS Word?

Ans: Spelling and Grammar checking

3. What is the full form of W3C?

Ans: World Wide Web Consortium

4. When and where was C++ first developed?

Ans: C++ was developed by Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979

5. Shortcut Key to paste?

Ans: Ctrl + V

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6. ASCII full form?

Ans: American Standard Code for 

Information Interchange

7. The computer does processing in which 


Ans: Binary Code

8. How many default sheets are there in MS 


Ans: 3

9. Full form of LIFO?

Ans: Last In First Out

10. What was C++ initially called?

Ans: C with Classes

11. Ubuntu comes under what?

Ans: Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based 

on Debian and mostly composed of free and 

open-source software.

12. What is called the brain of a Computer?

Ans: CPU is the brain of the Computer. The 

full form of CPU is the Central Processing 


13. Full form of URL?

Ans: Uniform Resource Locator

14. Full-Form Of HTTP?

Ans: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

15. Which is the first Supercomputer of India?

Ans: Param

16. What is PYTHON?

Ans: Programming Language

17. How many Bytes are there in 1KB?

Ans: 1KB = 1000 Bytes

18. How many terabytes are there in one 


Answer: 1000

19. The trackball is what type of device?

Ans: Input Device

20. Full form of CPU?

Ans: Central Processing Unit

21. Full-Form of DHCP?

Ans: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

22. Full form of NIU?

Ans: Network Interface Unit

23. Java was originally invented by ______

Ans: SUN

24. Intel i9 is a?

Ans: CPU

25. What is mean by the bug?

Ans: A bug report contains device logs, 

stack traces, and other diagnostic 

information to help you find and fix bugs in 

your app

26. Who is the inventor of WWW?

Ans: Tim Berners-Lee

27. Who was the father of the computer?

Ans: Charles Babbage

28. Which key is used to edit in Excel?

Ans: F2

29. Full form ATP?

Ans: Advanced threat protection

30. What is the Full Form of COBOL? 

Ans: Common Business Oriented Language

31. Which of the following is an Input Device? 

Ans: Examples of input devices include 

keyboards, mouse, scanners, cameras, 

joysticks, and microphones.

32. Which of the following is an essential part to 

run a computer?

Ans: The processor is also known as the 

Central Processing Unit (CPU). This 

component provides the computing power 

within your computer system. The CPU can 

be seen as the 'brains' of the computer.

33. Which company created MS Office 2000?

Ans: Microsoft

34. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Ans: Satya Nadella

35. What is the full form of MMU?

Ans: The full form of MMU is Memory 

Management Unit. Memory Management 

Unit is mailable for three major works 

Hardware memory management, Operating 

system memory management, and 

Application memory management.

36. Who invented the mouse of the computer?

Ans: John Backus

37. In a computer, what is the name of the high-

speed memory used?

Ans: Hard Disk

38. What is a compiler?

Ans: Compiler is a software. A Compiler is 

a software that translates computer code 

written in one programming language into 

another language.

39. What does RAM stand for?

Ans: Random Access Memory

40. What is cloud computing?

Ans: Could Computing is a service.

41. What is debugging?

Ans: Debugging is Checking errors in a 

software program.

42. What is Cache Memory?

Ans: Cache memory is a special high-speed 

memory used to speed up and 

synchronizing with Central Processing Unit.

43. What is MS- Office?

Ans: MS-Office is an Application Software.

44. Which key on a windows keyboard sets to 

full-screen mode in most browsers?

Ans: F11

45. Webpages are written using?


46. What is the full form of JPEG?

Ans: Joint Photographic Experts Group

47. What is the file extension for MS Word file?

Ans: The file extension of an MS Word file is 


48. Which software tool enables user interaction 

with the computer for a specific purpose?

Ans: Application

49. What is a numerical label assigned to each 

device (e.g., computer, printer) participating 

in a computer network?

Ans: IP Address

50. What is the full form of MODEM?

Ans: Modulator Demodulator

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