GK Questions and Answers on Union Budget 2021-22

Union Budget 2021 Quiz : Top 30 MCQ on Union Budget 2021-22

GK Questions and Answers on Union Budget 2021-22

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"GK Questions and Answers on Union Budget 2021-22" is one among the foremost relevant and important parts of the Exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "World_Polity" provides a set of Union Budget 2021-22 Quiz in the sort of Practice sets contains 40 General Knowledge on Union Budget 2021 which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams.

GK on Union Budget 2021-22 

The Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs of India Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2021 in Parliament on February 1.

The Union Budget 2021 is the first budget of this new decade and also a digital one in the backdrop of unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. The Union Budget 2021 is specially a vision for making Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. 

Take a look at the most important top 40 GK Questions and Answers on Union Budget 2020-21.  

1. When was paperless budget first presented in India by Finance Minister?
Ans : 2021

2. For which Financial Year budget 2021 has been presented?
Ans : 2021 - 22

3. Who is the current Finance Minister of India?
Ans : Nirmala Sitharaman

4. When was Union Budget 2021 - 22 presented in Parliament?
Ans : 1st February

5. Who has presented the Union Budget 2021 - 22 in the Parliament?
Ans : Nirmala Sitharaman

6. The word Budget has been used in which article of Indian Constitution?
Ans : Not in any article

7. Which word has been used in Indian Constitution in place of Budget?
Ans : Annual Financial Report

8. Which article of Indian Contitution has mentioned about Annual Financial Report?
Ans : Article 112

9. Who became first full time female Finance Minister of India?
Ans : Nirmala Sitharaman 

10. Who was the first female Finance Minister of India?
Ans : Indira Gandhi

11. Who became the first female Finance Minister of India to represent budget continuously for the 3rd time?
Ans : Nirmala Sitharaman 

12. How many Prime Ministers of India had presented Budget in their term?
Ans : 03

13. Name the three Prime Ministers of India who presented Budget in their term?
Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi

14. Who has presented first Union Budget of Independent India?
Ans : RK Shanmukhan Chetty

15. When was the first Union Budget of Independent India presented by RK Shanmukhan Chetty?
Ans : 26th November 1947

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16. What is the meaning of the word 'Budget'?
Ans : Leather Bag

17. From which language the word Budget derive from?
Ans : French

18. Who is known as as the Father of Indian Budget System?
Ans : James Wilson

19. Who presented the first Budget of India?
Ans : James Wilson

20. When was the first Budget of India presented?
Ans : 18 February 1860

21. Which politician holds the records of presenting the Union Budget for maximum numbers?
Ans : Morarji Desai

22. How many times former Prime Minister Morarji Desai had presented Union Budget of India?
Ans : 10 times

23. What was the exact date of Presenting the Union Budget before 2017?
Ans : 28 February

24. After 2017 which date has been choosen for Presenting the Union Budget?
Ans : 1st February

25. Interim Budget is known by which name?
Ans : Mini Budget & Vote on account

26. The Union Budget for 2021-22 financial year rest on how many pillars?
Ans : 6

27. What is the theme of Union Budget for 2021-22 financial year?
Ans : Union Budget 2021 will largely circle around Covid-19, economic recovery and growth. 

28. Under Union Budget 2021 what amount of money alloted for COVID-19 Vaccine?
Ans : ₹35,000 Crore 

29. How much new army public school will be built by the government?
Ans : 100

30. In budget session 2021 , government decides how much budget for census 2021?
Ans : ₹50,000 Crore

31. IPO of ________ is planned in 2021-22. 

Ans : LIC

32. How many Eklavya model residential schools will be developed in tribal areas? 

Ans : 750

33. NATS is associated with ________.

Ans : Skilling

34. A new gas pipeline project is planned in which Indian state? 

Ans : Jammu and Kashmir 

35. What is the full form of NIP? 

Ans : National Infrastructure Pipeline 

36. Name the two technologies that aim to provide metro rail systems at much lesser cost with similar experience in Tier-2 cities and peripheral areas of Tier-1 cities? 

Ans : MetroLite and MetroNeo 

37. The Foreign Direct Investment in ____________ has been increased from 49% to 74%. 

Ans : Insurance 

38. Senior citizens over ______ years of age and having only pension and interest income are exempted from filing tax returns. 

Ans : 75

39. The Multipurpose Seaweed Park will be set up in __________ to promote seaweed cultivation. 

Ans : Tamil Nadu

40. How many Rupees has been allocated for the recapitalization of PSBs? 

Ans : ₹ 20000 Crore

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